“Your Winning Trading Formula”

Have you ever wondered how a professional trader gets ready for the day?

Brandon Wendell, who has been trading and teaching others how to do it for more than two decades, gets asked that question all the time. That’s why he has agreed to help you learn a few things about getting ready for the market.

In his free training, “Your Winning Trading Formula,” Brandon will reveal some of the secrets to preparing for the market to open and how to get ready for the experience. This free “Winning Trading Formula” on August 31st and September 1st at 12 PM EST will help you understand how it happens … and how your preparation and procedures can make the difference between success and failure.

Some traders don’t like to share their secrets. They’re like a cook that doesn’t want to reveal the secret ingredient that’s been handed down through the family for generations. Brandon isn’t like that! He’s a guy who is happy to show you the successful methods that he has honed and uses.
The information that Brandon will pass along in “Winning Trading Formula” comes from his own toolbox. These are techniques and strategies, powerful methods that have been successful in his years as a trader. (If you aren’t aware, Brandon Wendell holds the prestigious Chartered Market Technician certificate and once ran a hedge fund. He has successfully traded as an individual and on the corporate level.)

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If you’re not happy with where you are as a trader…

…Of if you want to expand your knowledge and become better equipped to reach your personal financial goals, this class will offer plenty of powerful tips and advice you can put to work right away.

Remember, “Winning Trading Formula” is a free online class that will be held August 31st and September 1st at 12 PM EST.