Weekly Whispers

Say goodbye to your frustrations ….

say goodbye to your wasted time ….

say goodbye to bad candidates….

Say hello to winning.

Do you ever spent way too much time finding a trading opportunity, only to find that it stinks!? It happens all the time, especially to the new and inexperienced trader. The result is wasted time, frustration, and a loss of money.
If you’re going to trade the market and expect to make money, you’re going to need to find the right candidates, identify them on a consistent basis and understand why they’re viable in the first place.
That’s exactly why Tony Benson has created Weekly Whispers, a product that will help you find and identify candidates that are ready to watch … and potentially ready to put money in your pocket.
Tony Benson is the acclaimed creator of “Patterns in a Flash,” the tool that teaches you how to identify trading opportunities based on the patterns created on a stock’s chart. Tony uses patterns to point out potential entries, exits and targets when he teaches and in his personal trading.

Now Tony is taking his skills to a different level in order to help you. Subscribers to Weekly Whispers get to look over his shoulder as he reveals the top candidates who are in a position to move, based on what is seen in the pattern.

BONUS: If you become a quarterly subscriber, we’ll give you a two-week trial FOR FREE! 

Here’s how Weekly Whispers works …

Each week Tony will go through his filters to find viable trading candidates. He will go through his watch lists and winnow out all the week candidates, leaving only the prime cuts.
That’s when Tony will make a video recording and walk you through 25-30 of his top picks … the opportunities that cry for your deepest consideration. You will receive this video on Friday, giving you lots of time to watch and add your own analysis.
Tony will point out all the significant patterns that he’s found on these charts, from ascending triangles to wedges to triple bottoms. You can’t sneak a pattern past Tony, which is why he’s earned the “Pattern Whisperer” nickname!
Weekly Whispers , Tony Benson
If you’ve ever felt like you’re in an endless cycle of spending too much time to find bad candidates, this product will save you time and produce a higher quality of potential opportunities.
If you’ve made a costly mistake by misidentifying a stock pattern, Weekly Whispers will ensure that you are seeing the correct pattern and taking the proper action.
It will help eliminate a lot of the needless hours you’ve been spending in your search for good candidates and help you find them faster.
Instead of teaching theory, Weekly Whispers will put the lessons to the test. Tony will work through his actual filters and watch lists – real stuff using real-life techniques.
And you will receive the informative recording each Friday, giving you plenty of time to watch, digest and plan how to use the attack plans that Tony has created for your consideration! This will give you an automatic head start when the market opens for the new week.

Don’t wait another frustrating trading day. Get started now with a subscription to Weekly Whispers.

BONUS: If you become a quarterly subscriber, we’ll give you a two-week trial FOR FREE! 

You need to sign up for your Weekly Whispers subscription right now … before the price goes up!
(Why not take the money you save and put it toward your first trade!)

But don’t wait. These prices won’t be around long. And once they vanish, you’ll never be able to get this sort of savings again.


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