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My name is Robert Roy, I am the founder of Wealth Builders I have been trading the markets for over 20 years and I started my trading career using this AMAZING Charting Package. I have personally trained over 50,000 students how to trade using WBHQ Trade Navigator.

Trading the Stock Market has always been an intricate task. Over the past few years that task has become more difficult to master as trading has become more main stream. As a Trader You need the top trading tools at your finger tips.

The Best Technical Tools And Resources, At Your Fingertips.

Award-Winning Charting

The web’s most-powerful charts, including real-time intraday data, full-screen charts, auto refresh and more

Advanced Technical Scanning

Instantly find stocks and funds that meet your specific technical criteria with our custom scanning tools

Custom Alerts

Access dozens of pre-configured templates to get set-up quickly or create your own templates apply them to individual panels.

Preconfigured Templates

Access dozens of pre-configured templates to get set-up quickly or create your own templates apply them to individual panels.

Explore All The Benefits of WBHQ Trade Navigator

Explore All The Benefits of WBHQ Trade Navigator

More Indicators & Overlays

Free users are limited to charts with just 3 indicators and overlays, but Trade Navigator members can create their own unique, advanced financial charts with as many as 25 indicators & 25 overlays of their choosing.

Real-Time Intraday Data

Supercharge your charting with real-time intraday data! Add official real-time data for global financial markets, including the US exchanges (NYSE / NASDAQ), Canada (TSX), the UK (LSE) & India (NSE).

Larger, Full-Screen Charts

While chart sizes for free users are limited to just 900px, Trade Navigator members are able to create larger, full-screen charts with widths up to 2400px.

Save & Organize Your Charts

Annotate your charts with your own analysis and save them to your account for later use in up to 350 customized pages with as many as 500 charts per Page.

Ad-Free Charting

Ditch the ads! Enjoy a cleaner, faster, entirely ad-free charting experience when you become a Trade Navigator Member.

Custom Scans & Alerts

Instantly find securities that meet your specific criteria! Use our scan engine to run your own advanced scans on over 50,000 symbols and set custom alerts to notify you of key moves.

Auto-Refreshed Charts

Tired of constantly hitting ‘refresh’ to see an up-to-date chart? Members’ charts can be configured to automatically refresh as often as every 5 seconds!


1-On-1 Training

Our 1-On-1 Training provides you hands on training from our expert team.

Historical Price Data

Access extensive historical data available only to Trade Navigator Members. Create and analyze full-screen financial charts using historical data as far back as 1900.

What Will You Receive With WBHQ Trade Navigator

(All)End-Of- Day History

  • (1-Year)Tick History
  • Basic Gann
  • Basic Fib Tools(Not Fib Clusters)
  • Fundamental Data history/Graphing
Heiken Ashi Bars

  • Support 3rd Party Libraries
  • “What If” Chart Bars
  • TradeSense Order Groups

Custom Chart Pages


  • Streaming Replay
  • Trade Filtering/Full Report
  • Definable Start/Stop times for Charts
  • Trade Profile (Market Profile)
Breakout/Range Bars

  • Multiple Detacheble Quote Boards
  • Read CSI, MS7 and ASCII Data
  • Detachable Charts
  • Basic Seasonals

Custom Indicators and Highlight Bars

  • Full Alerts Suite
  • Highlight Bar Reporter
  • Data Exporting
  • AMPT (Auction Market Price Theory)
  • (2 Broker Limit)Real Trading Broker Access

(3)Free One-on- One Training Sessions

All Trade Navigator Software Packages Require Subscription to a data services

WBHQ Trade Navigator BONUS

When you get this World Class Software through there is a BONUS not offered anywhere else!
You will receive the highly sought-after indicator suite called “TREND OUTLOOK”

The Trend Outlook Library normally costs $250 BUT we have included it in your WBHQ Trade Navigator Software Package. The Trend Library is designed with 10 ways to determine trends that can be used as a stand-alone or used in development of your own systems.
Using the trends in this library allows the user to focus on perfecting their ideas while not getting bogged down in the details of defining trends in a manner that a computer can understand.

By offering ten tends, the user has the option to choose any one, or several of them, in order to define trends in their personalized strategies.


Trend CCI Long
Tend CCI Short
Trend Close Relationship Long
Trend Close Relationship Short
Trend High Low Long
Trend High Low Short
Trend Longs
Trend MA Long
Trend MA Short
Trend MACD Long
Trend MACD Short

Trend Momentum Long
Trend Momentum Short
Trend Parabolic Long
Trend Parabolic Short
Trend Regression Slope Long
Trend Regression Slope Short
Trend Shorts
Trend SlopeOfMA Long
Trend SlopeOfMA Short
Trend Volatility Long
Trend Volatility Short


Trend CCI
Trend Close Relationship
Trend High Low
Trend MA
Trend MACD
Trend Momentum
Trend Parabolic
Trend Regression Slope
Trend SlopeOfMA
Trend Volatility


Trend Outlook Library

This study contains both the Trend Momentum Long and trend Momentum Short Highlight Zones.
This study contains both the Trend Parabolic Long and Trend Parabolic Short Highlight Zones Trend Regression

Not Offered Anywhere Else!

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