The best way to ensure this will your best financial year is by joining the Wealth Builders HQ Inner Circle.

That’s where you’ll find likeminded people – men and women just like you who see the potential in making money in the markets – and learn the skills and techniques that make it all possible.

  • Whether you want to make money to put a child through college. …
  • Or you are looking for ways to pay off that mortgage ….
  • Or want to raise money for your church or favorite charity …
  • Or put aside additional funds for retirement … buy a new car … or make more money so you can afford the finer things of life.

Having more money in your pocket gives you the sort of life-changing freedom that make a difference in your life and create a higher quality of living.



This Inner Circle will meet to have an in-depth discussion on many of the hot topics that have the potential to move the markets. You will have a chance to study these possible moves in detail with veteran traders who are part of the Inner Circle.


– Earnings and news trading, both options and futures, and show you how to sniff out the signs of potential moves
– Advanced technical indicators like pivot points, OBOS and Bollinger Bands that may lead you to a source of profitability
– Essential day trading skills such as entry timing, tick charts, as well as a variety of important strategies … and how to use them
– Unique strategies that you will only learn in this class, such as the balloon strangle … how to use ETFs and debit spreads that may help you lap the field.

You’ll receive increased exposure to more advantaged strategies and more advanced indicators that give you the potential to get so much more out of your trading. And the more you learn, the more opportunities you’ll have to increase the skill of your timing and draw closer to reaching your personal trading goals.


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Tripp S.

Bill M.

Patty P.

The centerpiece of the Wealth Builders HQ Inner Circle is special access to Wealth Builders HQ founder and CEO Rob Roy.

Members of the Inner Circle will have an opportunity to spend four full days with Wealth Builders HQ founder and CEO Rob Roy. This is a rare – and limited opportunity – to learn face-to-face with one of the most experienced market instructors in the country. Rob has taught thousands of students how to trade the market and you’ll have unprecedented access to him for four full days. (This factor alone virtually ensures the Inner Circle will sell out!)


  • Eight monthly classes – most of them at least TWO hours – that are packed with instruction and opportunities to get your questions answered from the Wealth Builders HQ staff.
  • Weekly online class support and check-in
  • Reading materials that will … open … your … eyes
  • A treasure trove of online class videos that are available on a 24/7 basis
  • A downloadable class manual … print it out and use it as a workbook to write your notes from class, your questions … YOUR DREAMS!
  • Bonus videos and reading materials that will be specially created to match the direction of the current market, the strategies that are working best … and the desires of the members of the Inner Circle.


Roman M.

Charles G.

Amos L.

(Rob Roy only has so many days of access to his calendar each year and when those are filled up, he doesn’t have the capacity to create more.)
If interested, it’s best to act right now.


Learn to go out and get it.

Call now to speak personally with one of our senior trading coaches to see how the Inner Circle might work for you!

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Inner Circle FAQ

What is it?

An Inner Circle is a group of like-minded individuals getting together with one sole purpose; to help each and every person of that group grow. The best methods there are for growing is to work as a small group with the common goal of bettering each person. It requires learning and teaching in order to accept that next level.

What is the role of each member?

The most important role of each member is to come to the event prepared. This is not a $99 online workshop; this is an investment in your future. If you want to change who you are, you need to change how you do things. Coming prepared is important not only for yourself but for the group. We will not be able to stop and slow down if you are not prepared for it.

You might be asked to lead a small group, you might be asked to lead a discussion, you might be asked for feedback or input on what you prepped for before coming to the event. Next to be participation this is not a lecture hall of 8 hours of training this is a group exercise so participate whenever possible.

Is there an agenda?

If you know anything about Rob you know not only will there be an agenda, but it will be planned out to the millisecond, so I guess the simple answer is yes.

What can I expect from this training?

You can expect a professional safe environment, where the main goal of each person of that group is to further their education based on the topic at hand. In other words, if we are focusing on a cash flow strategy we will not be talking about other rules to other cash flow strategies. Focus is the key. The facilitators job is to keep everybody on task.

What will my time commitment be each month?

On the months when the training is done online, it will be 2 hours of training. On the month when it is live training in New York, it will be one full day. Beyond that you can expect a few hours a month of additional work and practice going over the things that we set up the previous month. A realistic expectation of additional time beyond the trainings would be 2 to 6 hours a week depending on your schedule, what’s available to you and your level of commitment.

How will I communicate with the rest of the team?

At the very first live meeting in New York, each Inner Circle member will be asked if they are comfortable with sharing their name phone number and email address with the rest of the group. If they are then it will all be put onto one master list and you will be given at list via email.

Where will the on-location training be held?

Near our New York office 20 minutes east of JFK and 40 minutes east of LaGuardia.

What is the format?

The format for online versus live on location will be slightly different. The online will be a 2-hour training much of it in preparation for our all-day Live Events. When you show up at the New York office I want you to be prepared for the training at hand.

The live on location Workshop will be a format of education, practice, education, practice, education, practice, with numerous group discussions inside of these. Working together collectively with one common goal for the betterment of the group which means the betterment of each individual Trader.

How long will the sessions be?

The be online preparation Workshops will be approximately 2 hours long each. They’ll be home in the evening starting at 8 p.m. Eastern

The on location live workshops will start at 9 a.m. and go until 5 p.m. This will give you time to schedule your flights if possible. There are hotels in the area if you need.

Will we be learning about cash flow strategies?

One of the main focal points will be to start generating cash flow. How do we consistently generate cash flow in your portfolio?

Is there any one on one time with Rob?

Yes, there is a one-hour online session with Rob for all new members that will be recorded for you. Rob will go through a series of questions to determine who you are as a trader, what your goals are, what you’re trying to accomplish. That session is meant to be personalized just to you. It is not a scripted section as a one-size-fits-all. it is just for you.

Can I schedule more one-on-one time with Rob?

Rob does offer additional trainings such as one-on-one mentorship called One-On-One with Rob. Please email us to discuss this at

Will there be a private area to communicate online?

Yes, there will be a private group online meeting once a week on Monday evening just for the members in this Inner Circle. It will give you a way to not only communicate with them, but you have other traders that you can work with consistently. That group will also be monitored by our staff helping to answer questions along the way.

Is there a minimum cash requiring my account to learn the strategies at The Inner Circle training?

There is not a minimum cash requirement. The strategy you trade will determine what the cash requirement will be, but you can start with just a few hundred dollars on specific cash flow strategies.

What is the facilitators role?

The main role of the facilitator is to do just that; to facilitate, to oversee the group, direct and give direction, keep the group on task, not allow the group to get away on a tangent, and to provide the education and training needed for success.

What day of the week will we be meeting live and what day of the week will we be meeting online?

The online preparation events days will vary. We will schedule one month in advance, so everybody knows when the next one is. The live on location workshops will be on a Friday. This will give everybody the least amount of interference with their work schedule.

What kind of prep materials will be available?

These will be in the members area, so you will have access for the entire Inner Circle. They will vary from documents to videos to homework or additional trainings.

Will there be any homework?

Yes, there will be various exercises and readings given between the sessions.

How do I know if this is for me?

That is a great question, and there is no simple answer to it. Let’s do our best to try to help you as someone who wants to succeed at this, as one who knows the potential is there, the potential to be a successful trader. Regardless of whether you are a brand-new trader or an experienced trader, there are always things that you can learn from a seasoned professional like Rob. He can take you by the hand, help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, show you how to capitalize on those strengths and protect against the weaknesses as best as possible. But that still doesn’t answer the question. The question is “how do you know if this is for you?”. Here is the simplest way to look at it; “Have you been trading for a while or attempting to trade for a while with no success or limited success?” If you have been trading and even making money, have you reached a plateau and are you trying to push through the glass ceiling, but it just doesn’t seem to work? If you answered yes to any of these, then the simple answer is yes, the training is for you. Even if you are a brand-new trader with no bad habits to fix, learning from a professional, from a master of the trading business will always be beneficial. Coming to The Inner Circle will cut months if not years off your training. There are many students we have been introduced to at Wealth Builders HQ that have been trading for years, or attempting to and having mediocre results, so you are not different.  If you’re in that both and if you are brand-new, we want to prevent you from having a heart attack. So, when this question was presented to Rob he said of course you can help everybody that’s the simple answer yes, but you have to make the decision if you are willing to put in the time and the commitment to be successful.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, please send an email to support and they will let you know the details.

Do I need to use any other specific tools?

You will need a broker which one will be up to you. You’ll be given a list of what you will need to know how to do on your platform before attending the first live class in New York in March. You will also need a charting program, we use the WBHQ Version of Trade Navigator. If you do not have the program email us at support and we will give you the details as well as a discount code, you can use.

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We hate spam as much as you do. We promise never to spam you and only send you emails filled with tons of value. Jump on our mailing list to stay up to date with our newest content, receive special offers, and stay connected!

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