When you set up your trading, do you consider going off the grid?  Let’s take a peek at what this would look like.

  • No phone calls, emails, texts, office/desk organizing, multi-tasking, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media.No interruptions from members of your household

Today’s environment with constant information streaming to our personal electronic devices and the pressure to “keep up’ makes it difficult to truly focus on the task at hand.

This task when you are trading should be watching charts, finding premium trades, managing trades, and journaling trades. Deciding to enter a premium trade is only part of a trading business.

Learning more about the technical indicators you use, watching when to change strategies, calculating the rate of return and backtesting are all a big part of trading.

Successful businesses, successful professionals all focus on one thing toward their success.

Most of us have a full plate, a busy life schedule, and try to fit it all in within a 24hour day. Trading should NEVER be “fit in”.  Allot the time you can at a regular time frame daily and dedicate that time for your trading business.

Trading off the Grid can not only be refreshing to focus solely on one thing and allow yourself uninterrupted time. but it has a high potential of improving your trading skills.

Once you develop this habit of trading off the grid, you might employ this methodology in other aspects of your life.  Always being in on-demand mode can be mentally and physically tiring and keeps us from frequently completing tasks.

Here is a challenge, how much time does it take for you to resume your task after being interrupted?

Trade-off the Grid as a test and find yourself more satisfied with your results,Robert Roy has a schedule for his trading and does nothing else but trade. Check out Rob’s Trading Business Plan in Trading U.