Dear Wealth Builders HQ™ Graduate:

Congratulations on completing Wealth Builders HQ’s intensive training course. You have already made the commitment to take your education to the next level. It is now time to apply your knowledge in the market using our state of the art direct access technology.

Trade Pro Futures & FOREX and Wealth Builders HQ have formed an agreement to help you begin trading on our Direct Access futures and FOREX trading platforms with full Wealth Builders HQ tuition reimbursement. When you open a Trade Pro Futures or FOREX account we will provide you a special offer redeemable with your Wealth Builders HQ certificate of attendance. You can choose to receive:

  • Futures – receive a 20% rebate off our commissions.  Pay just $0.96 per contract plus fees per contract. Full depth of market is provided for CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, and is included for just $15 per month. (a $420 monthly value)! Experience lightning fast execution with our intuitive direct access platforms. Intraday margin as low as $500!
  • FOREX –. EUR/USD spreads typically 1. 4 with no additional commission! Trade Futures and FOREX simultaneously from our FREE Trade Pro Trinity platform or choose from one of many 3rd party platforms like platforms including Meta Trader and Multicharts.

If you are interested in opening an account with Trade Pro Futures & FOREX, please contact our customer support department at 866.938.4990 / International: 512.366.3299. If you would prefer to complete an application online, then click on following links.

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We look forward to servicing your trading needs and lending incredible support to your efforts.

Trey Lazzara
President, Trade Pro Futures & FOREX


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