ATTENTION: For Those Who Are Serious About Taking Your Trading To The Next Level…

Four of the greatest products created by Wealth Builders HQ have been assembled together under one banner to create Total Access Trading. This collection of subscriptions can be a game-changer for any student who is serious about using the market to reach their personal financial goals – no matter how modest or audacious they may be.
You may remember how the U.S. Olympic team that included Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley and Larry Bird was given the nickname the “Dream Team.” Well, this the trading education equivalent of the Dream Team! These pairing of these top-of-the-line products have the potential to make a difference in your success or failure as a trader. And they’re all in one place!

Total Access Trading includes these four products, each of them among the most popular and useful available from Wealth Builders HQ. These products, when used individually, are powerful. But when you put them together, their value is multiplied exponentially.

Total Access Trading includes a subscription to Power Option Plays, Covered Call Explorer, Monster Market Movers and Gap Trading Stats. That’s the sort of lineup that can take you from beginner to first place in no time!
This is a quartet of products that is unmatched in its depth, quality and dependability. Plus, all the material is available 24/7 and can be viewed as many times as you’d like. Here’s a look at the four products that come with Total Access Trading …

Four Flagship Trading Tools, One Low Price!

Pricing Plan

Here’s What You Get with “Total Access Trading”

Power Option Plays: This is a must-have subscription for anyone who is serious about learning to make money by buying and selling options. You receive two in-depth videos each week – they’re about an hour long — where Rob Roy will analyze the current market and the candidates on a special members-only watch list. You’ll come away with candidates that may warrant additional analysis and possibly a decision on whether to enter a position or pass! Think how much time this will save you?
Those videos are accompanied by a printable action sheet that enables you to follow along and take notes. You’ll see the targets for entries and exits … as well as how many contracts to purchase and what the potential return could be on those positions. It’s all right there in front of you in black and white!

Plus, each month you get to attend a live class that’s called “Mastering the Trade.” This two-hour class is taught by Rob Roy and gives members an opportunity to ask questions. Rob will cover some important news about the market and possible directions, then open the lines so you can text over your questions. What a powerful option this gives you! To have your questions answered by a veteran trader/educator is a special perk for Power Option Play subscribers.

The trading opportunities in this class can really pay off, too. An amazing 70% of the trades uncovered in Power Option Plays were winners. Think that will put a charge in your account!
There are additional bonuses, too. Students especially enjoy learning the POP 5K strategy, which is taught and explained in a digital class that comes with a printable manual. And the powerful class that reveals’ “Rob’s Secret Sauce” has the potential to bring home buckets of bucks.

If you purchase POP on a monthly basis it would cost $5388 per year.

 Covered Call Explorer: Non-directional trades – covered calls, diagonal spreads, naked puts and iron condors – may not seem sexy, but they have the potential to make 4-6% each month. That doesn’t sound like much until you realize the potential of an annual 50% rate of return! Ask for that on your savings account next time you visit the bank and see what they say! That’s a hefty annual rate of return for trades that are more conservative and less risky.
Each week members receive a short video that points out candidates that are in position to make a move. You’ll also receive tracking sheets with important data (including entry and exit points, rate of return, etc.) The tracking sheets feature all this pertinent information for traditional covered calls, naked puts, diagonal spreads – along with the popular and powerful Wheel of Fortune strategy that Rob has perfected.

Rob recently added iron condors to the mixture, making this tool capable of producing even more candidates that cover a broader range of non-directional trades.

Not sure how to use these strategies? That’s OK because each one is explained through a series of videos in the member’s area. These are easy to understand and not complicated to trade … especially when you have the candidates gift wrapped and sent to you each week!

If you were to purchase MMM by itself it would cost $2388 annually.

Monster Market Movers: The power in this class – what makes it truly monstrous – is the two-hour session that Rob Roy hosts each month. He teaches a new topic or strategy and dives directly into the evaluation of potential trades.
You get a video and an additional last-minute addendum with the latest information – along with the accompanying manuals. Rob will walk you through the examination process and show what’s hot – and what’s not!

At the end of the class, you’ll have a watchlist of candidates to keep your eye on. These fall in numerous categories – channeling, trending up trending down, Fibonacci, moving up and down to $100, bullish and bearish thrusts. These are stocks that have appeared on the list based on what the market is doing right now. These are not recommendations. But you might want to test them in your non-funded account.

Not only does this class come with first-class trade analysis and examination, it features a 13-part series on the essentials skills you need to develop when trading options. (That series even includes a printable manual, which makes it ideal for taking notes.) If you aren’t familiar with one of the strategies discussed on the watch list, you’ll find the answers in one of these easy-to-understand videos.

No wonder this has been Rob’s signature class for more than a decade. It’s packed with education, analysis and training you can use right away.

A year’s worth of CCE would cost $1668.

 Gap Trading Stats: How would you like to put the odds in your favor for a change? That’s what you get with Gap Trading Stats. Here is where you get the cold, hard data about the gaps a stock has created in the past and how often it has filled that gap. That’s some powerful information to have at your fingertips.
Every stock has gaps on its chart. That’s normal. It’s created by the daily market fluctuations. Wealth Builders HQ has taken that data and parsed it to show the most productive times and places to trade those gaps and take advantage of the movement. This is a data-driven product that puts the odds in your favor.

This subscription also includes a specially created gaps pivot calculator that will help make your analysis that much easier to conduct.

If you were to purchase Gap Trading Stats on their own it would cost $1997 for the whole year. need to have it in your toolbox.

Four great products. Each one accomplishes a different task, but each one takes you a step closer to reaching your financial goal – whatever that might be. That’s what Total Access Trading is all about! And that’s why you


Subscribe to Total Access Trading for 1 Year
Includes POP MasterClass Access!


Subscribe to Total Access Trading for 6-months


If purchased individually, these four products retail for $12,503. However, if you join Total Access Trading, you can get a six-month subscription to all four for $3,499. That’s a huge saving on four products that have a chance to change the course of your trading success.

However ….

You can save more when you purchase a one-year subscription to Total Access Trading. Not only will you receive access to those four great tools for a 12-month period, you will receive access to the Power Option Plays Masterclass for the duration of your subscription.

The POP Masterclass is the complete class taught live by Rob Roy and recorded during a full-day session in New York.

In the Masterclass, Rob teaches his personal success system for trading and introduces you to his proprietary Strategy Creation System.

You will learn special tips and tricks during this POP Masterclass that Rob shares only with his most serious students. Regardless of how you like to trade, you’ll come away soaked with information and knowledge that you can’t find anywhere else!

The Power Option Plays Masterclass comes with a printable manual, printable handouts from the class and bonus videos with special strategies you’ll learn no where else.The Power Option Plays Masterclass can be purchased for $999, but it is yours to access all year when you purchase an annual subscription to Total Access The one-year subscription can be purchased for $5,499.

That’s a huge savings, plus you receive access to POP Masterclass for a whole year as your bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are these scaled-down versions of the four products?

No, these are the real products. You get 100% access to all the material in each of the four subscriptions – Power Option Plays, Covered Call Explorer, Monster Market Movers and Gap Trading Stats. Nothing is withheld! Get in there and learn it all. 

Why are these four products in the package?

These four products are loaded with insight and information that can help traders of all skill level. There’s plenty of material here to help newcomers and additional training that will challenge and push a more-advanced student. These four products can often be used in tandem with each other to offer the depth and understanding needed to be a success.

I like to work at night after the kids are in bed. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! You will have 24/7 access to the member’s area in each of the four products. Watch it early or watch it late. Plus, you can visit the sites as often as you like and view the videos as many times as you wish. Total Access Trading is there any time you want it! 

Which days are these subscriptions available?

Total Access Trading is open every day, 24/7. You can dedicate as much time as you like to boosting your skills, no matter what day that may be!

Do I need to attend the live classes?

Our students really love the live classroom opportunities, but sometimes things come up and you can’t get there. That’s why we will record these classes and put them in the member’s area for your convenience. (It usually takes 24 hours for recorded classes to show up, but they’re posted for no less than two weeks. You’ll have plenty of time to watch them.)

Can I just buy a couple of the subscriptions instead of all four?

Total Access Trading comes with all four products – Power Option Plays, Covered Call Explorer, Monster Market Movers and Gap Trading Stats. The individual products may be purchased separately, but you won’t enjoy the great discount you receive when you subscribe to Total Access Trading.

Will I receive a printed manual for these products?

There are no printed manuals included in your subscription. However, there are PDFs of manuals that come with each product. You have the option to print out the entire manual, if you wish, or just print out the sections that interest you the most. We have students who do both and others who prefer to take notes in a spiral-bound notebook. It’s up to you. 

The market is so unpredictable, will this material work under today’s conditions?

Absolutely! With Total Access Trading you will learn strategies that work in bearish, bullish, stagnant and choppy markets. You will be equipped with the skills to handle anything the market throws your way. Plus, the live classes will provide quick feedback on the market’s current landscape and can get you up to speed in no time. 

Can I just take the opportunities that are discussed in class and trade them?

That’s not the purpose of the Total Access Trading classes. We do not and will not make recommendations of any stock to buy or sell. We teach you how to analyze the opportunities in class and we strongly encourage students to practice their skills in non-funded accounts before putting a dime of real money at risk. 


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We hate spam as much as you do. We promise never to spam you and only send you emails filled with tons of value. Jump on our mailing list to stay up to date with our newest content, receive special offers, and stay connected!

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