So, you want to trade in one or more of the financial markets? Learning the techniques (technical analysis), deciding on a broker and trading platform and finding a good source for education seems to be the START.

As important as these steps are, you need to create a plan.  Here are some steps to help you set a clear goal:

  1. List your streams of income from greatest to least.  Include that bank savings account that earns 2 pennies a year.
  2. In the next column, list how much time each day you spend on each Stream of Income.
  3. Take this same list and rearrange it in the order you want it to be. Now you need to rework your schedule to fit the new goal.


  1. Current job = 80% = 8 hours a day
  2. Investments =10% = 1hour a month
  3. eBay Store = 10% = 1 hour a day

Future Goal:

  1. Trading = 30% = 3 hours a day
  2. Current job = 70% = 7 hours a day
  3. Investments = extra = 1 hour a month

Now you have a clear game plan and can begin to see your future and start reorganizing your schedule.

Learning to trade the financial markets requires a few decisions.

  1. Which market? Equities? Options or Derivatives? Futures? Forex? Bonds? Interest Rates?
  2. Why are you trading? Cash Flow? Building Wealth? Retirement?
  3. Where will you learn about trading and risk management?

WealthBuildersHQ was founded to educate the average person looking for a way to create a stream of income outside of the traditional bank methodology.  We have some introductory videos and free online classes as well as subscriptions and classes for purchase.

Begin your journey by doing some research and come visit