$SPX Cash Flow Secrets

Nobody wants to spend countless hours watching a computer screen or spend the day with their eyes glued to an endless parade of ticker symbols as they scroll by on the television.

Now there’s no reason.

You can potentially cut your trading time down to a handful of hours each week with this alert service, which exploits the Zero Day Expiration strategy and helps you capture the trading movement that often comes at the end of the day.

The $SPX Cash Flow Secrets product was created by Brandon Wendell. Brandon has been trading the market for more than two decades – both personally and corporately. He holds a Certified Market Technician license, which makes him one of the elite traders in the country. He’s even operated a hedge fund.

The $SPX Cash Flow Secrets product comes with a series of educational videos that explain how the Zero Days To Expiration strategy works, so you’ll understand how to leverage the information. These trading opportunities expire at the end of the day and you can learn how to reduce the risk by using an index, which limits your exposure. The trade allows traders to capture most of the Beta evaporation on the position.

You have a choice to manage your subscription.
You can choose from a Monthly or a Quarterly Subscription

Subscribers receive a text alert on the day of expiration

covered call uncovered , wealthbuilders HQ

The message provides all the details for the late afternoon trade – entries, exits and targets. You will receive a heads-up and get a head start on getting your position established – and arranging to reap the most potential profit.

Students who use $SPX Cash Flow Secrets won’t be bogged down with hours of searching for tradable positions.

$SPX Cash Flow Secrets will save you time and energy – and send the information directly to your smart phone, so you’ll know instantly when it’s time to move! If you’re struggling to manage your busy schedule with your trading aspirations, here’s a product that will help you do both. It saves you time and gives you the potential to consolidate your trading into a powerful and productive six-hour period.
Register now and make $SPX Cash Flow Secrets an important part of your trading routine.


Is this a weekly class?

There is no weekly or monthly class to attend. You will receive the information three days each week via an alert. All the information is contained inside the message. It’s up to you to decide whether or not to pursue a trading position. It was designed to help teach you to become a more profitable trader.

Who created this product?
This strategy was created and honed by Wealth Builders HQ’s Brandon Wendell. Brandon has been trading and teaching others to trade for two decades, so he brings a lot of experience to the table. He has traded corporately – he even ran a hedge fund – and as an individual. Brandon holds the distinction of being a “Chartered Licensed Technican.” He is host of the popular E-mini Think Tank and other information Wealth Builders HQ products.
How is the information delivered?
Each week you will receive a text alert on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The message will have all the information you need to know in order to make a smart trading decision. You’ll be pointed in the right direction as far as entries, exits, targets, stops, etc.
What if I don’t know this strategy?
The strategy is easy to learn and add to your skillset. If you’ve traded options, you’ll grasp it very quickly. It may take a big longer if you’re new to options, but the instructions explain everything you need to know.
Are there any instructional videos?
Instructional videos are found in the member’s area on the website. You should watch the videos a couple of times and conduct several practice trades before you even consider putting real money at risk.
How long will this strategy take to learn?
It all depends on your skill level, but most students grasp the concept after watching the instructional videos. Most will conduct several non-funded trades to make sure they’ve got the hang of it before they jump in with real money.
I already know enough strategies. Why do I need to learn another one?
Most students like this strategy before it is quick to learn and doesn’t require sitting in front of the computer all day. If done correctly, you can get an entire week’s worth of trading done in six hours. That’s right – two hours on each day the material arrives should be all the time you need to spend on it.
What sort of subscriptions are available?
Most students prefer the quarterly subscription. As an early-bird special, you can subscribe for three months for only $495. That’s a $100 savings off the regular subscription price of $595. PLUS, you will receive a two-week free trial when you sign up for a quarterly subscription. Monthly subscriptions are available for $249. (There is no free trial with a monthly subscription.)


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