Resolutions, Ideas, Goals, Dreams .. all good. It means you are alive and growing.

We all make some form of a resolution list every so often. A favorite time is when the calendar changes to a new year beginning and we are right there(almost).

It is what you do with these ideas and goals that make the difference. Some ideas get tested and prove to be ok but not cream of the crop (some are duds). We are all creative and there may not be enough time for all of the ideas we produce. Some ideas get forgotten because other stuff (life) gets in the way. Some ideas just linger in your mind (to-do list) and wait for you to take action.

Until you take action toward your resolutions, they will stay in your mind and start to create negative internal messages due to the idleness. You have the choice to develop the positive brain paths or let the negative ones take over by default. Your choice…

While you are thinking about your New Years resolutions, do yourself a favor and be selective. Resolve to do the things within your reach and stretch a little to see if you can expand your reach. Too many resolutions tend to be overwhelming and will get lost in the shuffle. A select few can help you move forward. Be realistic.

If trading as a stream of income or just for the fun of it are in your resolution list, then be serious. Follow a leader/adopt a mentor and get into a study group. Your group may be online or on location or both, just find one. WBHQ Mastermind Group is one such study group for traders.

Rob Roy is a top trader and equally as good an educator. You would be fortunate to follow Rob.
Rob is also the founder of Wealth Builders HQ where you can find many programs for your trading education needs.