Heard this before?  How do you Pay Yourself First?

Here are some tips.

  1. Consider needs versus wants before spending your cash
  2. Use direct deposit and automatically transfer a portion to savings first before paying bills.
  3. Pay bills on time to avoid late fees.
  4. Save extra cash from bonuses, tax returns, and gifts.
  5. Avoid debt that is not necessary.
  6. Save your change at the end of the day and deposit it into savings at the end of the month.
  7. Contribute to a retirement plan on a regular basis.
  8. If you are interested in learning about investing and trading in the financial markets, do your homework and get a good education.

Pay Yourself First is frequently used in relation to money.

Have you considered Pay Yourself First in the arena of time?



Building sustainable wealth not only requires seed money, knowledge, and  planning but it also requires TIME. Do you Pay Yourself First when it comes to your time?

Here are some tips:
1. Get enough sleep
2. Get enough exercise
3. Prioritize your schedule
4. Get quality education that helps you save time finding high potential candidates to trade.
5. Join Monster Market Movers at WealthBuildersHQ for these high potential quality trade candidates.

Rob Roy, founder of WealthBuildersHQ, believes in  building sustainable wealth and only trading high potential candidates.  Rob teaches trading the stock, options and futures markets. The futures markets includes currencies such as the Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and the better known commodities.

Pay Yourself First both in time and money.  The time you spend in Monster Market Movers is well spent with all of the bonuses and a recording of the class available to you to review after the live class airs.  Pay Yourself First in money is inherent  in the low cost of this class with all of the extras.