Have you ever tried to learn how to

trade the market

only to throw your hands up in frustration?
You can see the potential

But have you ever abandoned your quest to make money in the market because you feel overwhelmed?

Wealth Builders HQ, One Trade Away, stock trading

There Is Admittedly Much To Learn

material that wasn’t taught in school or in college. There’s all that new terminology and the charts and the data… It can make you want to walk away in frustration.
If you’ve been in that situation… maybe even now … you don’t need to throw in the towel and give up. There’s no reason for you to doubt yourself and settle for less than the best. Wealth Builders HQ has come up with a solution.

It’s called the One Trade Away Challenge.

And it has the potential to take a new trader – or one with very little experience – and help them learn to make money to reach their personal financial goals. That will work whether you want to…

  • Make more money to take care of your family.
  • Create a stream of income that will allow you to afford nicer things.
  • Build a profitable business so you can put your children or grandchildren through college… help your church or favorite charity … or fatten up your retirement account.

Everyone has dreams and desires. And there’s no need to stop chasing them!

You just need a little personal guidance and direction.

And a little challenge!

Please understand, you’re only one trade away from making it.


  • What is your goal? To create income for your family… you’re one trade away.
  • What is your goal? To afford a nice vacation you’ve never enjoyed… you’re one trade away.
  • What is your goal? To buy a new car to replace that old clunker you’ve been driving… you’re one trade away.

Regardless of your goal, you are one trade away from taking the first step toward making it happen.
That’s the emphasis of the One Trade Away Challenge!

When you enroll in the One Trade Away Challenge, Wealth Builders HQ founder and CEO Robert Roy will walk you through the process of learning about the market, teach you how to use all the material and show you how to actually put it to use.

You will get hands-on training. You will not be sent a box of stuff and told to figure it out for yourself. Rob Roy, who has taught tens of thousands of students how to trade the market, will teach you, train you and show you how it’s done.

Wealth Builders HQ, One Trade Away

That’s part of the challenge. Being able to use all the material you learned is the essence of the One Trade Away Challenge.

Wealth Builders HQ, One Trade Away

Think about this…

  • What good would it be to learn how to bake a cake, but never crack an egg or put ingredients in a bowl?
  • What good would it do to learn how to fix a leaky faucet, but instead call an expensive plumber when the faucet begins to drip?
  • What good would it be to learn a foreign language, but never put it to use?


So why learn how to trade the stock market and never put it to use?

That’s what the One Trade Away Challenge is all about.

Rob Roy teaches you how to trade… and then teaches you to actually do it

That’s the challenge.

Does it sound interesting?

I’ve taken many classes [many companies] and although I feel I have enough knowledge to be able to trade I find that all I did was lose money. Since the course started…I feel a lot more focused and a lot less overwhelmed. It gave me the confidence to try again. Rob was exceptional in explaining every single step in the process

Paula F.

Great program!…I like how it gave everyone a structure to follow every day to develop a successful habit. It helped me develop a more structured approach every day. Very straightforward and easy to follow along which is great. It had enough of everything, perfect for beginners. A great course for everyone, even people who are already trading.
Yuiry B.

How about it? Does that sound interesting?

Here’s how it’s going to work…

We’ll start off Day 1 with an advanced training and go over a few things to get your ready. Rob will even show you how to open a brokerage account.

Then for the rest of the month you will have an assignment… maybe watch an instructional video… maybe creating a watch list… maybe something to get you mentally ready… But each day you will have an assignment and you’ll be asked to go through a daily to-do list to check off all the boxes.

This is the gist of the program. For every day over the next month, you’ll be asked to do things. And – as you complete the assignments – you’ll start to see your confidence grow, see how to put your knowledge to work and understand why you’re only one trade away.

You’ll follow the plan for 30 full days and you’ll be able to experience the milestones as you go along. You will make your first non-funded stock trade on Day 10 of the Challenge. And you’ll make a non-funded options trade by Day 25.

It’s not impossible. It’s not even improbable. It is inevitable.
Sound challenging?

Wealth Builders HQ One Trade Away

Here’s What Students Are Saying About The Challenge

Everything was WONDERFUL especially for $49 geesh! God bless! You are giving back to help others and that is truly a blessing.
Erica S.

Rob is super knowledgeable and super talented. He truly wants to help others become successful traders by sharing that knowledge and experience. I now understand the reasons behind the process and the rules, which I have no doubt will transfer to more success in my trading.
Clayton P.

Everything was very well presented and clear…Way more information and training given here than the cost of $49.00 could ever cover! Thank you for your continued training and positivity!
Chris A.

Love this course! Thank you so much!

Evelyn R.

FAQs – One Trade Away Challenge

How long does the One Trade Away Challenge last?

The One Trade Away Challenge is a 30-day program that is designed to transform you from a new or novice trader to one who is capable to analyzing and conducting trades with confidence. Over these 30 days, you will experience and learn from a series of video recordings. The material will be delivered in a sequential manner over the course of a month. The series lasts a month, but the habits you will develop will last a lifetime.

I’m really fired up about this. Can I do more than one lesson each day?

That is not recommended! The One Trade Away Challenge is designed to build your training in a sequential manner that makes sense. It builds block-by-block and establishes a foundation that you can use as a base to build your trading account upon. You’re learning how to trade for the long-term, not cramming to pass a sophomore high school history test! Do the one lesson each day. Watch it more than once, if you like, and take the step-by-step approach to getting smarter. Steady and slow is the way to go!

What if miss a day? Will I fall behind?

Part of the One Trade Away Challenge is consistency. You’re learning one day at a time, stacking precept upon precept, over a 30-day period. We prefer that you stick with the program and honor the time commitment you made when you enrolled. However, we also understand that things happen that can prevent you from occasionally watching. If that occurs, you can watch the episode you missed and get back on track.

I already know stock market basics. Can I skip that portion of the Challenge?

No. The One Trade Away Challenge is a 30-day program that builds on itself as you go along. You will learn new material, even if you’ve participated in a previous market education program. Do not skip lessons. You may miss something that has the potential to stunt your potential to become a profitable and prolific trader.

I’ve never traded before. Will I get lost?

You will be in good company! Most of the students who are participating in the One Trade Away Challenge are newbies or have very limited experience. That’s why the program was built to take a step-by-step approach and present the material is a way that makes sense. You’ll learn in a methodical manner that won’t leave you trying to hang on.

So the Challenge includes option education? I’ve heard that it’s dangerous to buy and sell options, so that makes me hesitant to sign up.

It’s unfortunate that people have a negative view of options, because they actually give you an opportunity to control more shares of a stock for less money. There are rules that must be followed when buying and selling options, but once you learn them, you’ll known how to trade options in a safer way and accelerate your profit potential. You will learn all the safety measures in place to prevent you from getting in trouble.

I’m not sure this is the right time to get involved with the market. Things change so quickly these days. What happens if the bottom drops out?

The One Trade Away Challenge will teach you how to deal with the market under any condition – bullish, bearish, choppy … you name it. You’ll also learn how to make money when the market goes down – some people don’t understand that, but it’s important to grasp that idea. So the training you will receive will work no matter which way the market turns.

I don’t have a trading account. Will I need one to participate?

You will need a trading account to participate in the One Trade Away Challenge, but don’t worry if you don’t have one. We will help you open a practice brokerage account on the very first day! And if you already have a brokerage account, you’re welcome to use it – or you can open a new one and follow along with it. It’s entirely up to you. And, remember, these are non-funded accounts. You’ll be learning and practicing with paper trades. You will never be asked or instructed to make a funded trade in any of the courses offered by Wealth Builders HQ.

Will I actually be trading with real money?

That’s a great question. In the One Trade Away Challenge, you will be conducting all your trades in a non-funded account. You will have no money at risk in the market. We want you to get the feel of an actual trade so you’ll get used to how it all works when you decide to make your firsts funded trade. But beginners need to learn how to deal with the emotions of entering and exiting a trade and experience the disappointment of a loss and the euphoria of a successful trade.