Thank you for your purchase of Omega Chartz starter program

Thank you so much for purchasing the Omega Chartz starter program. It was designed to help you get off to a good start and begin your path to trading success with a great product – one that I use myself.

But I want to give you a special opportunity to upgrade your tool by purchasing the Pro Scanner package.

The Pro Scanner is a powerful package of filters that have been personally created by the Wealth Builders HQ team. It comes with 22 scans and three custom templates that will save you hours of preparation time. You just plug and play!

How will this help? A student recently shared that he used the Pro Scanner package to find a trade that brought in a 63% rate of return! Sixty-three percent! You shouldn’t expect to make that every time, but what if you do it once or twice it could change your financial future.

We normally offer the Pro Scanner package for $995 … but you won’t pay that.

Because of your participation in the One Trade Away Challenge, you can upgrade your Omega Chartz Starter to include the Pro Scanner Package for only $295. That’s one-third off the price you’d pay if you shot at the Wealth Builders HQ store.

Click here to take advantage of your upgrade now.

The Pro Scanner Package will add so much to your Omega Chartz Starter. You’ll quickly see how indispensable it truly is.


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