You’ve already made the decision to purchase the Omega Chartz Starter. That was a great call.

The Omega Chartz Starter can be used to do everything you’ll see during the One Trade Away Challenge.
Omega Chartz ProScanner
But why stop there when you can have exact same version of the great piece of charting software? If you want to trade like Rob Roy, you’ll want to upgrade to Pro Scannner so you’ll be able to take advantage of the same time-saving options that Rob employs.

The Pro Scanner package allows you to empower your tool with 22 specially-created scans and three proprietary custom-made filters that will help you find the candidates that you need faster. You’ll save time – and get pointed toward the candidates that match your immediate trading needs.

If you’ve never built scans and templates, they can take hours and hours … and if you miss one little point, you can wind up with a bunch of wrong information and a bunch of bad results. With the Pro Scanner package, you just plug it into your Omega Chartz Starter and watch the magic happen.

Once you upgrade with the Pro Scanner package, you’ll find your journey to become a great trader to be less difficult. I tell people it’s like cutting down a tree … you can still get the job done with a regular hand saw, but you can get there a lot quicker if you use a chainsaw!

• Save money
• Saves time
• Increases your potential profits
• Cut the learning curve in half
• Reach your trading success that much faster!

Omega Chartz
The Pro Scanner normally has a $995 price tag, but because of your involvement in the One Trade Away Challenge, you’ve received a coupon code that allows you to take a substantial discount from that price.
That’s a minimal investment for a tool that is going to pay immediate dividends.

Don’t waste this opportunity to upgrade now and use the same filters and templates that I created, tested and use.
And save money in the process.
It won’t take long for you to see how this Pro Scanner package can really change your life.
It works for me. It can work for you, too.
All you need to do is upgrade and see for yourself.


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