Are you serious about trading the market? Really serious about buying and selling stocks, options, futures, currency … you name it. If so, then you must have a great charting system.

Charting is an essential skill that serious students need to develop — if you want to make money and reach your personal financial goals. You need a top-of-the-line charting system.
Get ready for Omega Chartz the first and last charting system you’ll ever need
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Charting is an essential skill that serious students need to develop — if you want to make money and reach your personal financial goals. You need a top-of-the-line charting system.


Charting is where the analysis takes place. It is where you decide whether that trading opportunity is worth your investment or whether you need to take a pass and wait for the next one that’s just around the corner. The bad choice … the wrong choice … can cause big problems.

That’s why we created Omega Chartz.

Omega Chartz is the Alpha and Omega – the first and last – charting system that you’ll ever need.

Many students have tried the free stuff that’s out there. That’s OK for someone who is just dabbling in the market. But if you are serious about trading, the free stuff will be inadequate and frustrating.

Some students have gotten suckered into to paying good money for an inferior product. Maybe they were impressed by all the bells and whistles or swayed by a celebrity endorser. Maybe the product was colorful and flashy. But in many cases, you were stuck with a product that looked good … but didn’t fit your needs.

Or maybe you’re a new student who is serious about trading and you want to start with the best equipment available. After all, serious athletes insist on the best shoes for their training. Serious do-it-yourselfers insist on having the best power tools. Since you’ve decided to pursue trading, you want the best products … and that includes a charting system.

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Now you see why we call it the Alpha and Omega
the first and last – charting system you’ll ever need.

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Omega Chartz is the Alpha and Omega when it comes to charting … It is the first and last system you will ever need.

That’s why it is called Omega Chartz. It is without question …

  • the most useful …
  • most adaptable …
  • most understandable …
  • most easy-to-use …
  • most complete …
  • most you-name-it …

charting system available!

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Omega Chartz is the charting system used by all the coaches at Wealth Builders HQ.

Omega Chartz was created to give you the ultimate charting platform. It was designed by actual traders … people who make real trades … people who know what’s important and what isn’t. Every feature on Omega Chartz is 100 percent usable. There’s not an inch of wasted space.

Omega Chartz will help you become a better, more effective trader. It will save you time – because there’s never enough of it, right? … and will allow you to customize your charts in the way that works for you and the way you trade. Customize it the way you want!

That’s right, you fix your screen the way it works best for you. You want to see daily chart … it’s right there. You want to look at how the stock has done over the month? Quarter? Year? It’s all a mouse click away.

Omega Chartz Stock Trading Graph
Stock Trading Candlestick graph
Do you like candlestick charts or do you need a line chart? Maybe you prefer a bar chart? They’re all available … and it’s easy to switch back and forth between them.

What about indicators? Which ones do you use? Omega Chartz comes loaded with all the indicators you need – Stochastics, MACD, RSI, Wilders … you name it and it’s in there. All of this is done for your convenience. All of it was created to help you identify the candidates and give you the most potential to make the most money.

One of most popular features with Omega Chartz is how it gives you the ability to draw lines right there on the charts. You can draw support and resistance lines. You can put moving averages on the chart.

You can add Fibonacci lines. You can put notes on there to show entry and exit points. It’s like keeping a trading journal on your screen.

When you analyze a candidate with Omega Chartz, you’ve got all your information at your fingertips … and you can add to it — or take away from it — as you continue to analyze or trade it.

But here’s the great thing about all those lines and markings and all the hard work that’s represented there: it stays on the chart until you clear it or change it. Even after you close the program, those notes, those lines, that analysis is still there. So when you open the program the next day, all that work you’ve done is right where you left it!


It’s true! It’s the first and last charting system you’ll ever use.

Why is this important? Because it saves you time
… it saves you frustration … it makes your life easier!

There are three bonuses that come with Omega Chartz that make the product even more valuable.
They truly make it the first and last – Alpha and Omega – trading system you’ll ever need.

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Bonus No. 1: The Pro Scanner (a $995 value)

The amazing package of filters – personally created by the Wealth Builders HQ team – comes with 22 scans and three custom templates. This saves you the hours of time it requires to build the filters and test them over and over. You just plug and play!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to identify tradable positions while they’re forming? Whether bands are pinching or candle patterns are developing? Whether the market is bearish or bullish? These scans and filters can give you a big head start.

A Wealth Builders student shared recently that he used the Pro Scanner package to identify a trade and pulled a 63 percent rate of return. That’s not going to happen all the time, but these filters can help you more accurately identify the winners.

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Bonus No. 2: The Trend Outlook Library (a $250 value)

This tool gives you the right outlook on the market before you place a single trade. The Trend Outlook Library comes with 10 unique studies that help you see the market trends and gives you the information needed to make more intelligent decisions.

The Trend Outlook library is loaded with 22 functions and comes with access to a template that contains a huge collection of indicators and highlight bars. This gives you the tools you need to spot a trend quicker … help you make a smarter decision … and prevent you from getting bogged down in the weeds.

This tool will make the information jump off the screen. It will save you time. It will help you find those nuggets of gold!

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Bonus No. 3: MVWAP Bands With Pivot Tool (a $250 value)

Wealth Builders HQ students have gone crazy for this one and that’s why we added it to the bonus package. This popular tool will help you decide whether or not your candidate is in a tradable position … If it’s tradable, then it’s a go. If it’s not tradable, then it’s a WHOA.

Just think how valuable this can be if it helps you find a candidate in a good position … or if it prevents you from making a bad decision!

The MVWAP tool comes with five templates and 50 different indicators. It works great for stock and options traders, as well as ETF and futures traders. It’s that adaptable! You’ll be amazed at the valuable information this little tool will produce for you … information that will help you make better decisions and give you the potential to make more money.

What do you think?


Omega Chartz is the most usable, most productive, most intuitive charting system available on the market. The bonuses add a ton of great value. It will save you time. It will lead to better analysis. It will help you make better decisions.

For $795, you’re getting Omega Chartz, the finest charting software … the only charting system you’ll ever need. You’re getting the three bonuses – the Pro Scanner package, the Trend Outlook Library and the powerful MVWAP Band tool. (The bonuses alone are valued at more than $1,900.)


Go ahead and click the button below and purchase for Omega Chartz and the bonus package for only $795

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I do love Omega Chartz – the layout, the charting, the scanners, and how to keep watchlists is so easy, and makes my job a lot easier with many of the little features I’ve not seen elsewhere…Looking forward to seeing what MORE they have!
Karen R.
In regard to using [Omega Chartz], I have used it for several years. I did try other programs but continue coming back to [Omega Chartz]. I have found it the easiest and most intuitive program for charting. It has helped me in determining the proper entries and exits, which has resulting in significant dollars that could have been easily missed.
Jeff W.
I like how crisp the images are, and [how] crisp most of the tools I know how to use are. It seems to be a robust program.
Robert K.

Omega Chartz FAQs

Can I build my own scans and filters or am I stuck with the ones that come with the program?
Great news. Omega Chartz allows you to create your own scans and filters and use the criteria that suits your style. You can make the searches as granular as you’d like, so you’ll be able to find the exact candidate that meets your trading profile. And if you’ve never built a scan, there are tutorials that will walk you through the process.
My current platform clears all the analysis on my charts when I close the program or have to reboot. Will Omega Chartz allow me to retain that information or will I be starting from scratch the next time?
You’ll love how Omega Chartz saves all the notations on your chart – the indicator settings, moving averages, Fibonacci lines, etc. – until you remove it yourself. You’ll save time and needless frustration by having the information available at the click of a mouse. Plus, you can continue to amend the charts – as many times as you’d like.
I’ve missed my share of trades because I got busy and stopped paying attention. Can Omega Chartz notify me when my candidate reaches a certain point? Or will I be stuck staring at the computer screen all day while I wait?

Omega Chartz was built for busy traders. That’s one reason the product comes with the ability to set an alert. You set the trading parameters and Omega Chartz will send you an alert when those have been met. That will give you time to move into action … and avoid missing that big move you’ve been awaiting.

I like Trade Navigator. Do I have to switch to Omega Chartz or can I keep what I’ve got?

We have taken Trade Navigator and enhanced the product with additional capabilities to create Omega Chartz. You are receiving the enhanced version, the same version that all the Wealth Builders HQ coaches and staff will use. Trade Navigator as you know it is going away and being replaced by Omega Chartz.

Will I have to automatically update Omega Chartz to import the latest data?
Omega Chartz gives you the option of automatically refreshing your data throughout the day. You can set it to happen as often as you’d like … even for a time period as short as every five seconds. You’ll never be dealing with outdated data when you use Omega Chartz. Just one of the enhanced benefits of the new program.
Can the Pro Scanner only identify bullish trades? Or can filter for bearish trades, too?
As a bullish trader, you understand that you can make money on bullish and bearish trades. That’s why we loaded the Pro Scanner with filters that have the option to search for bullish AND bearish positions. You’ll find scans for ADX big, ADX small, gaps with options, gaps without options spreads – for bullish AND bearish candidates. So no matter how the market is trending, Pro Scanner has you covered.
Am I limited to the number of indicators and overlays I can use on my charts? A lot of charting systems have limitations and I can’t deal with that!
No need to worry. With Omega Chartz you can use as many of the 25 indicators and 25 overlays as you wish. We don’t recommend that! But you’re free to use as many – or as few – of the indicators and overlays necessary to fit your personal needs.
I like to have access to the profile of the candidates that I’m considering for a trade. Does that come with Omega Chartz?
We agree that this sort of information is vital when you conduct the analysis. That’s why Omega Chartz comes with a market profile for every candidate out there. That information includes the 52-week high and low, as well as the dates the company will make their earnings announcement, something a trader doesn’t want to neglect.
I’m a non-directional trader. Can I use Omega Charts to analyze the sort of spreads trading that I enjoy?
Omega Chartz is a great asset for directional traders and non-directional traders. You’ll have more freedom to use filters and scans to find the positions and can leave your analytical lines and notes on the chart. You can even set alerts to notify you if the position is about to reach a danger point. Non-directional traders will love Omega Chartz.
Will training be provided to teach me how to use Omega Chartz?

There are plenty of tutorials available that explain how Omega Chartz works, how to set up filters and scans, how to set up trades, etc. The video tutorials explain how to get started with the most comprehensive – and easy-to-use charting software on the market.

Why am I being charged for a data feed with my Omega Chartz?

This is not a charge from Wealth Builders HQ, but is rather a charge from a third-party provider. We have arranged for the most economical rate for students who use Omega Chartz, but the data fee is required to receive the real-time information from our provider. The data feed ensures you have the most up-to-date information, numbers, quotes, option chain information, etc., to populate your Omega Chartz. Unfortunately, this is a necessary cost that everyone must absorb.

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We hate spam as much as you do. We promise never to spam you and only send you emails filled with tons of value. Jump on our mailing list to stay up to date with our newest content, receive special offers, and stay connected!

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