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Congratulations. You have purchased Omega Chartz. It is the most useful product on the market for chart analysis. Omega Chartz provides you with hundreds of choices when it comes to looking at charts and making the most informed decision.

But … do you really know how to use it?

Now it’s time to make some money with it!

You’ve got this amazing tool sitting in your computer. It’s loaded up. It’s ready to be unleashed. But you’re not really sure what to do next. It would be like owning a souped-up Corvette and never getting it out of first gear! That would be wasting a great automobile! 

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Don’t do the same thing with your Omega Chartz program.

Countless hours went into the development of Omega Chartz. The designers talked at length to people who trade the stock market. The developers learned what was necessary to create a top-of-the-line product that would be useful and practical. Omega Chartz is the result of same amazing research and development.

That’s why you need to learn how to get the most out of it.

Just think about it. If you were in the kitchen with Rachel Ray, wouldn’t you ask her for some cooking advice? If you were on the golf course with Tiger Woods, wouldn’t you ask him for a tip to fix your slice?

If you were in an elevator with Warren Buffet, wouldn’t you ask him for a stock tip?

So why don’t you want to ask for a little assistance when it comes to learning to use Omega Chartz?

For best results, we highly recommend that you have Omega Chartz before purchasing Omega Chartz Advanced Training.

Wealth Builders HQ understands the importance of getting the most out of this amazing tool, so longtime Wealth Builders HQ technical whiz Tony Benson has been asked to come up with a training program to teach you how to squeeze every ounce of usefulness out of Omega Chartz. You won’t find anyone who knows more about Omega Chartz.

Some of the topics covered by Tony in the Omega Chartz Advance Training series are:

  • How to set up your screen – just like the one used by your favorite Wealth Builders coach!
  • How to take a close look at the chart screen and adjust it just the way you like it – from the layout to the title bar, the data bar, the labels and the panes
  • How to set up your system to match the recommendations of Wealth Builders HQ
  • Where to find – and change – the settings for a variety of indicators, candlesticks and Bollinger bands
  • How to modify a chart – and preserve a backup version just for safety’s sake!
  • Hot keys and special tricks and shortcuts to use with your mouse.
And there are plenty of tweaks and tips that will interest the more advanced trader:
  • How to create your own templates and pages – so they will reveal exactly what you need to know
  • How to arrange the tiles, cascades and tabs to give you quick maneuverability
  • How to use the tabs to arrange multiple charts in order to watch more than one opportunity
  • How to customize the drawing tools – plus how to move a drawing between charts!
  • How to set up side-by-side pages with three different time periods

Advanced traders will benefit from the creation of criteria and filters to help you find some of the market’s most tradable positions. You’ll learn how to create filters that will point you toward candidates forming patterns like three black crows, three white soldiers, hanging man and the inverted hammer. Spotting these patterns early in their formation can help improve your chance of success. Tony will take you step-by-step through the creation of these game-changing filters!

And those are just the highlights. Tony has included more in-depth training that you could imagine and is constantly adding bonuses. (He added a table of shortcuts to the product while this was being written!) You won’t believe how much is packed inside those Omega Chartz. Only an experienced user like Tony knows – and can show you how to put them to use!

Advanced Training banner
Advanced Training banner

Since Tony knows so much about Omega Chartz, he was able to put together this special series of digital recordings that are designed to teach you how to get the most out of this special charting system. You can watch these videos as many times as you want. You can stop them and start them as you go along, learning the whole way through. If you don’t quite “get it,” you’ll be able to back up the recording and listen again.

The regular price for the Omega Chartz Advanced Training class is $795 for a full year.

At the end of your subscription, you’ll be able to renew it for just $349 per year. Not only do you keep access that gives you all the inside scoop on Omega Chartz, you’ll also get two new videos per quarter to add to your member’s area.

Omega Chartz is amazing! Why not get the most out of it? Now, with the Omega Chartz Advanced Training you can squeeze it for every ounce of understanding – and do it at a great introductory price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the instructor for this training?

Tony Benson is the host for this training series. Tony is one of the most knowledgeable instructors in the world regarding Omega Chartz. He was instrumental in helping develop the program for Wealth Builders HQ and ensured it brought the maximum value for students.

How is this information delivered?

Everything is available through your member’s area. There are no bulky DVDs or CDs to download. This allows Tony and Wealth Builders HQ to continue to add new information and recordings.

I look for specific types of trades. How will this help me?

This advanced training will teach you how to set up your screens, charts and filters to find the trades you seek. It doesn’t matter if you trade stocks, options or futures, you can learn how the fine-tune Omega Chartz in ways to give you a competitive advantage.

Do I need to own Omega Chartz to use this?

Yes, you need to own Omega Chartz. Click here to purchase Omega Chartz. Omega Chartz is the most useful charting software on the market. That’s why we call it the Alpha and Omega – the First and Last – charting system you’ll ever need.

How much material is covered?

Instructor Tony Benson will start by walking you through all the basics you need to know in order to get started. Then he’ll move into intermediate and advanced ways to use Omega Charts. You have the opportunity to listen to bite-sized chunks of material or consume it all at once. Plus, you have the ability to review the material as many times as you’d like. If you don’t understand something, you may simply go back and watch it again.

What’s the difference between this and the tutorial that comes with the product?

The tutorial that comes with the product is very basic, as are the instructions when you buy any other tool. The advanced training teaches you how to use all of the product’s bells and whistles – and how to use them in your own personal training. The advanced training course leaves no stone unturned.

I follow several of the Wealth Builders coaches. Is there anything specifically built for them?

Tony has created a recording for each member of the coaching staff – Robert Roy, Brandon Wendell, Amelia Morison, and Ryan Litchfield. In these special sessions, he will teach you how to set up your program to mirror the screens used by your favorite instructor. This will enable you to easily follow along while you’re in class.

Will this help me identify trading candidates?

Absolutely! One of the great attributes of Omega Chartz is the ability to filter and scan for candidates that meet your trading requirements. You will learn how to set up these scans and search for opportunities that are ready to make a move. As a bonus, Tony will walk you through the setup for several of the most-popular scans.

How long will I have access to the training?

Your original purchase is for one full year. However, at the end of the year you may renew the subscription for $349 – plus receive two new instructional videos each quarter. You will never stop learning with the Omega Chartz Advanced Training.