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So what are we looking at here? We’re in a mess. We’re in an absolute mess. We’re inside of all of our moving averages.

If you look very closely, you will see two dot dash lines. Now, one of them is the orange one. If you look in the upper or left hand corner, the orange is the 233 simple moving average, and the purple is the 89 simple moving average. They’re both a dot-dash type line. They’re kind of buried in here right now. I mean, they’re… Everything! We’re just pinned everywhere with our moving averages.

Trading U
Trading U

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Rob, Amelia, Brandon, and the entire team at Wealth Builders HQ genuinely care about helping you learn to trade, move to your next trading level, and your overall success. They are the best. – Jim L.

Very transparent education. – Will F.

I’m very grateful I found you; it’s a goldmine for me. – Ravi K.