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“Famous phrase, right? ‘Look left.’ What do you see? I see another box right here.”

I really want to dig into the S & P 500. If we look at the S & P we’ve got five days, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, our last five days go right to here. That was Monday right there. That’s the Monday candle that we’re we’re looking at. And you can see from the overall movement, we had closed here on Friday, we gapped down to this a hundred point level, had a small move up, breached the a hundred point level, gapped up to the a hundred point level ran almost, not quite, but almost to this black line, which is 4181, and then of course, we’ve got a Fib in there. I think it’s 4177….

Futures Bootcamp
Imagine the dream scenario of being able to achieve better trading results, despite putting less money at risk – and reap a higher rate of return?

Sounds impossible, but it’s not! At least not when you learn to trade spreads. Wealth Builders HQ instructor Brandon Wendell will explain “How To Trade The Market In Only A Few Minutes A Day, Have A High Probability Of Success, While Being Spoon Fed Every Detail Of The Trade WITHOUT Having A Ton Of Cash!”

He will spend an hour – OR LONGER! – teaching you about the potential profits that await you by trading spreads on the Futures market.

Spreads are non-directional trades. That means you aren’t betting on the market to move up or down – thus, the non-directional tag. When you learn the proper way to trade spreads, you have the potential to make money regardless of the market’s direction.

Spreads aren’t complicated, even though they require more than one position. And they don’t require constant monitoring throughout the day. And when you learn to set up the trade at the right time and in the right place, you have an opportunity to make more money – and cut down on the risk!

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Rob, Amelia, Brandon, and the entire team at Wealth Builders HQ genuinely care about helping you learn to trade, move to your next trading level, and your overall success. They are the best. – Jim L.

Very transparent education. – Will F.

I’m very grateful I found you; it’s a goldmine for me. – Ravi K.