Do you aspire to be an elite trader?

Do you want to make a business out of trading the market? You’re going to need the guidance of an experienced coach and the accountability of your peers who share a common goal – to make money in the market. You need the Mastermind Group.

OK, you’re intrigued. But why, you ask, should I invest in a membership with the Mastermind Group Online? Here are a few reasons:

Mastermind Group is only for serious students
This group is reserved for men and women who are serious about reaching their financial dreams. They have established some targets and are laser-focused on reaching them. For them – and probably for you – it’s not a matter of “if” the goals are reached, but “when” they are reached.
Does that sound like you?

If you are serious about becoming an elite trader …. You’re determined to learn how to trade the markets and use those methods to make a profit, you’ve come to the right place. (If you’re OK with where you are and are willing to settle for mediocrity – or less – then you can quit reading right now. You’re in the wrong place.)

Mastermind Group is for students who are serious about getting better … serious about learning new strategies and techniques … serious about understanding what it takes to reach their personal financial goals.
Ask yourself: Are you serious about it?
If so … and you’re willing to do something about it … then please read on.

Here’s what to get with your membership to Mastermind Group
The Mastermind Group offers you many opportunities to learn ways to hone your craft. It’s ideal for students to grow their skills under the tutelage of a masterful coach. (Many Mastermind Group students have graduated to the elite-level Inner Circle and many have gone on to become full-time traders.)

Weekly Training Session
The Mastermind Group meets every Tuesday for an hour at 8 p.m. Eastern. Members meet with Rob Roy or one of other top members of the Wealth Builder HQ coaching staff.

These important weekly sessions offer a wonderful way to keep current on the hottest trading trends and strategies. Instruction is geared toward presenting methods and techniques that may work under current market conditions.

These sessions include a general overview of the markets, from the perspective of a veteran coach. They also offer Mastermind Group members a chance to ask questions and have them answered. Students are encouraged to submit their questions and have them answered live under current market conditions.

These Mastermind sessions are a big part of your growth as a trader and can help ascend to the elite level faster and more efficiently.

28 Days to Mastering the Mastermind Group
This is a 28-day process with the stated purpose of lifting all members to the same level of success and expectations – and help excel beyond! You’ll learn to trade with the same style and use the same tools and same methods at Wealth Builders HQ founder Rob Roy. The main goal is to give you a straight path forward to reaching your success.

By walking through a series of recordings – and completing the tasks assigned — you will begin to reach milestones and reach targets you may never have dreamed of achieving. You’ll learn how to enter a trade – and you’ll actually place a non-funded trade after only eight days of this program. The 28-day program is another key step in your progression.

Foundational videos
Once you understand the steps necessary to become an elite trader, you’ll be ready to dive into the foundational recordings. They cover many of the most popular strategies used in the Mastermind Group – credit spreads, iron condors and naked puts … just to name a few. This is also where you’ll learn to set up a trading plan – one that meets your risk profile and helps you take steps toward reaching your personal financial goals.

A bevy of bonus documents and videos
Rob has assembled all sorts of goodies that you’ll be able to use – an assortment of proprietary calculators, tracking sheets, and a video called “Rob’s Secret Sauce” that you are likely to find invaluable as you grow as a trader.

There is even an advanced trading video for the POP 5K, a special list of 20 candidates that will work well if you have a smaller account and you’re only starting out with $5,000. This is a great area to garner candidates to practice with using non-funded trades.

A membership to Trading U
There is more foundational information in Trading U. At the heart of the membership is the recordings of Rob Roy teaching a class the elements of becoming a trader. He breaks down all the factors – from mindset to tools to habits to charting to patterns. There’s even a printable manual that makes it easy for you to take notes and learn.

Trading U also offers two live one-hour classes each month. The instructor will teach a new strategy and spend time taking questions from students. It’s another way to grow as a trader!

Access to a Private Facebook Group
The bonds between the members of the Mastermind Group are strong. Even though most students don’t live close to each other, there is a bond that develops between them. It’s almost like soldiers who go off to battle … there’s a kinship there that just can’t be explained.

Don’t try to find it with a Google search. It is a closed group. It is open only to members of the Mastermind group. We don’t want a thousand members! We want an elite number of members.

One-on-one training with Rob Roy
Do you think your cooking skills would improve if you spent a day in the kitchen with Bobby Flay? Do you believe a day with Tiger Woods would help your golf game? Would time with Meryl Streep help you become a better actor? Yes, yes and yes!

Well, think how much you could benefit room spending a full day training with Rob Roy?

With the elite and pro packages, you get to spend all day with Rob Roy. From the time the market opens to the time the final bell rings, you’ll have private access to Rob. Just imagine how much you can learn while sitting alongside a master trader and coach.

Meet your coach: Robert Roy
Rob Roy has been trading the market and teaching others to trade for more than two decades. Rob has taught tens of thousands of students how to trade. Rob founded Wealth Builders HQ to help students learn the power of the stock market and how it can change their personal finances.

Rob is particularly eager to help students with the determination, drive and gumption. That’s why he created the Mastermind Group. This isn’t the class for anyone who is satisfied with being average. This is for students who want to be elite.

Rob didn’t become a master trading coach overnight. He took an introductory class – just like you did – and continued to grow his market skills. Before long he was teaching others how the market works. Before he knew it, Rob was speaking to classes all over the country. He’s a regular guest on financial television and radio shows.

Why? Because he knows his stuff and he knows how to explain it in an understandable manner.

Doesn’t that sound like a coach you’d like to learn from?


Learn more about the Mastermind Group by speaking to one of our skilled trader-consultants.

They will ask you a few questions to assess your skill level and goals, and help determine whether you belong in the Mastermind Group.

Since this is an elite group of traders, we want to make sure you are prepared to become a member.

Call now to talk with one of our senior staff members.  


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We hate spam as much as you do. We promise never to spam you and only send you emails filled with tons of value. Jump on our mailing list to stay up to date with our newest content, receive special offers, and stay connected!

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