What if you could trade over the shoulder of a former hedge fund trader? Now you can!

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been trading the stock market, there’s probably a little voice in the back of your head that’s asking: “Am I doing this the right way?” Or “What changes can I make to bring in more money?”

That’s a good question. After all, most traders want more winning trades, more profitable opportunities … more money. When you get down the bottom line, that’s what it’s all about.

That’s exactly why Brandon Wendell created a new live on-location class called, “A Day in the Life of An Online Trader.”
The class will be held Thursday, October 27th at Long Island Marriott from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

It’s All Happening Live in New York!

When you attend this live training in New York, you’ll get the unique opportunity to…


Learn from Brandon Wendell, professional trader who holds the prestigious Chartered Market Technician license, and former hedge fund manager. How often do you get a chance to learn remarkable insights from someone who has seen trading from both sides of the glass?


Discover trading secrets – some never shared here before — from an industry insider. Because Brandon has years of experience trading futures on the corporate and personal level, he can pass along insights that you’ll get nowhere else!


Understand and embrace the 8/89 trading strategy … something that so few futures traders are taught. Learning about this breakthrough strategy and how to successfully implement – only in the manner in which Brandon teaches it — it is worth the price of admission alone!


Watch over the shoulder of a professional trader while he spots trading opportunities under live market conditions. You’ll be able to see how Brandon acts and reacts to the market, from the moment it opens through to the closing bell.


Learn how a professional trader looks back and analyzes the day … what went well, what went wrong and how to stay on track in the future. You’ll understand the importance after you see Brandon take a retrospective examination of the day’s events.


Plus you’ll get to spend the day learning with old acquaintances, new friends and people who share your passion for making money in the futures market.

And So Much More!

A full day – from before the market opens until the final bell.

Here’s what to expect when you attend A Day In The Life Of An Online Trader…

Brandon will spend a full market day with you and show you exactly what he does during the day, from the opening gavel to the closing bell. This gives you personal exposure to one of the most experienced futures traders in the country. You can look over his shoulder – actually he’s going to share his screen – and follow the steps he takes to get trade each day.

It will start with a pre-market routine. Brandon will show how he gets ready and how he finds opportunities to trade. See how he optimizes his technical analysis to find the trading opportunities with the best chances for success. If you don’t get this part done right, you’ll have little chance to succeed.

When the market opens, Brandon will use special techniques and explain the process. You’ll discover the technical analysis tricks he uses to identify and filter the trades.

From there you’ll see how he identifies the developing trends. You’ll be exposed to strategies to consider once the market begins to settle down after an adrenaline-loaded opening bell. This where you can start to identify how the market is likely going to roll for the day.

This is when you start to set up the swings and scanning for opportunities. And when the market slips into its midday slumber, you’ll have times to look for long-term trades – those that may last a day or a week or longer – and bring in a nice return.

All the while you will be exposed to multiple strategies and see a variety of the tools that Brandon uses during the trading day. You’ll discover how he finds the productive supply and demand zones, how he uses RSI to determine trends, the strength of the trend and foresee a possible reversal.  

He will teach you the 8/89 trading strategy that can help filter out the bad trades and replace them with high-probability opportunities. Just think how this can benefit your bottom line!

Brandon will also teach you how to analyze your trades and see what you have done right – and what you have done wrong. Even the most experienced traders like Brandon are constantly learning and he’ll teach you how this important step can make a huge difference in your development as a successful trader.

“A Day in The Life of an Online Trader” offers you a rare opportunity to watch an experienced trader as he prepares, engages and analyzes a day of live trading. All this happens while the market is open and the bullets are flying! You’ll see it all – unfiltered.

This is a great opportunity for a serious trader to learn under real conditions how a professional gets ready to trade and sets it all in motion.

“A Day in The Life of an Online Trader” is ideal for an active trader who wants to be more efficient, more successful and more disciplined in their trading.

Go here and register now for “A Day in The Life of an Online Trader” for only $749.
As a bonus for everyone who attends A Day in the Life of an Online Trader in New York, we have arranged a special visit from Wealth Builders HQ founder Rob Roy. He will host an hour-long Bonus Session with Rob on Oct. 27, immediately after Brandon’s class is finished, from 5 to 6 p.m. Rob will take the opportunity at this meet-and-greet to review the day’s events, answer questions and introduce new friends. Who knows what he has planned! It’s an unexpected bonus to cap a great day of learning and fun.

FAQs – A Day in the Life of an Online Trader

Will this class be streamed?
No, this class will not be streamed. Our experience has shown us it’s best to avoid counting on a hotel’s internet provider to stream a class. The unreliability leads to breakdowns in the streaming and aggravation and frustration for you, the viewer. You must attend “A Day in the Life of an Online Trader” in person to take advantage up all the great information.
Where is the location of the class?
“A Day in the Life of an Online Trader” is being hosted by the four-star Long Island Marriott at 101 James Dolittle Blvd. in Uniondale, N.Y. The hotel is in the area’s business district, only a five-minute drive from Hofstra University and the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The hotel is 3.4 miles away from Roosevelt Field Mall. Self-service parking is free.
How far is the hotel from the airport?
The Long Island Marriott is 19 miles from LaGuardia Airport and 18 miles from John F. Kennedy International Airport. An Uber ride from LaGuardia is approximately $75-100, depending on the time of day. An Uber ride from JFK is approximately $55-80, depending on the time of day.
Is there a special room rate for attendees?
Yes, Wealth Builders HQ has a secured a limited block of rooms at the Long Island Marriott for students who need overnight accommodations when they attend “A Day in the Life of an Online Trader.” When making your reservation, use the special code XXXX to get the special rate of $189 per night, plus taxes and fees.
What does my registration fee include?
Your registration fee for “A Day in the Life of an Online Trader” includes access to all the live training offered during the class and any handouts created for the class. It does not include lunch; the Long Island Marriott has restaurants available and other options are nearby. Your registration fee does not include recordings of the class, if made available.
Who is teaching the class?
The class will be taught by Brandon Wendell, who has been trading and teaching others how to trade the futures market for more than 20 years. Brandon holds the highly-regarded Chartered Market Technician certificate, a level to which few future traders and instructors attain. He currently teaches numerous online classes for Wealth Builders HQ, including Mini Think Tank, Wealth With Spreads, and $SPX Cashflow Secrets.
What will I need to bring?
Bring your computer with you. There will be internet access available and you’ll want to follow along with Brandon as he walks through the events of the day. By being able to “look over his shoulder” on your computer, you’ll be able to duplicate his moves and learn from his experience.
For what level of trader is the class designed?
This class will best serve the intermediate to experienced trader. Students with more experience will be able to absorb the material faster and apply it to their personal trading situation. This class was designed for active futures traders who are looking to progress and become more efficient, more successful, and more disciplined in their trading.
I know the class is scheduled to start early and finish late. Will there be a lunch break and other opportunities to go to the restroom?
Yes, there will be a lunch break. Even aspiring futures traders get hungry! And there will be other opportunities to grab a bottle of water and take a quick run to the lavatory.