Did you miss the live class in New York?

If you were unable to attend Brandon Wendell’s class in New York, you can still benefit from all the powerful information inside “A Day in the Life of an Online Trader” through the professionally created videos from the event.

Brandon Wendell , CMT
These digital recordings start from the minute Brandon walked to the microphone and continue through the final minute of his post-market wrap-up and analysis. You won’t miss a minute of the engaging and empowering information and the hours of high-level instruction.

There are nearly 10 hours of education packed inside “A Day in the Life of an Online Trader.” It will give you an real-life example of how an experienced trader like Brandon Wendell gets ready for the market, finds his trading opportunities, navigates the highs and lows of a live market day and analyzes how he did at the end of the day.

You’re actually watching over his shoulder as he does it all … without a net!

You get everything in these recordings … just like it happened in New York.


If you’ve ever wanted to learn to trade – or improve your percentage of success – this is a place to start.

This is where you’ll find out how to handle those mid-session lulls … and make money off them while others are having lunch.
You’ll learn how to eliminate the bad choices – the ones draining your account — and stop throwing good money away.
And you’ll see the importance of premarket preparation … before the bell even rings.
Brandon will show you what to do if a trade suddenly turns the wrong way … and he’ll do it under live market conditions. You can’t press the “pause” button on the market, so you’d better be prepared. Brandon will show you how a real trader does it.

For a limited time, you may purchase lifetime access to the “A Day in the Life of an Online Trader” recordings for the early bird rate of $595. That’s a savings of over 40% over the regular price of $995.

When you watch the recorded training from New York, you’ll get the unique opportunity to…
A Day In The Life of an Online Trader








Learn from Brandon Wendell, professional trader who holds the prestigious Chartered Market Technician certificate, and former hedge fund manager. How often do you get a chance to learn remarkable insights from someone who has seen trading from both sides of the glass?

Discover trading secrets – some never shared here before — from an industry insider. Because Brandon has years of experience trading futures on the corporate and personal level, he can pass along insights that you’ll get nowhere else!


Understand and embrace the 8/89 trading strategy … something that so few futures traders are taught. Learning about this breakthrough strategy and how to successfully implement – only in the manner in which Brandon teaches it — it is worth the price of admission alone!


Watch over the shoulder of a professional trader while he spots trading opportunities under live market conditions. You’ll be able to see how Brandon acts and reacts to the market, from the moment it opens through to the closing bell.


Learn how a professional trader looks back and analyzes the day … what went well, what went wrong and how to stay on track in the future. You’ll understand the importance after you see Brandon take a retrospective examination of the day’s events.


Plus you’ll get to spend the day learning with old acquaintances, new friends and people who share your passion for making money in the futures market.

And when you purchase these recordings, you’ll be able to watch them as often as you’d like. You can binge watch the whole thing or break them down into digestible sessions and take your time. It’s all up to you.

Click the button below to invest in your recordings from “A Day in the Life of a Trader” and start putting it to work in your personal account today.


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