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From time to time, we make information available to you regarding our business and the trading industry. Remember, ALL TRADING AND INVESTMENT ACTIVITY INVOLVES RISK. We provide strategies and education designed to inform and teach you about trading and how possibly to limit risk and make profits from trading. There is no assurance that you will make profits from what you are learning from us.

You should review the information on these pages from time to time.


Testimonials and similar statements about success are made for promotional purposes. Success and results described in testimonials or other statements may not be representative of other students’ experiences. Results will vary, and there are no assurances you are likely to achieve successful investment or trading results.


Wealth Builders HQ and its Affiliates accept advertising and promotional payments from third parties whose advertisement appear on Wealth Builders HQ websites and in its products. Wealth Builders HQ receives advertising payments from some broker-dealers (i.e., brokerage firms) for distributing the brokerage firms’ advertisements and promoting firms during Wealth Builders HQ presentations.

Links to Other Websites

Wealth Builders HQ and its Affiliates’ websites may provide links to other third-party websites or resources. Wealth Builders HQ and its Affiliates make no representations about any other website which you may access. Wealth Builders HQ and its Affiliates are not responsible for the availability or any content, advertising, products, services or other materials from third parties.

Sales Compensation

Our instructors’ compensation includes amounts they receive because you purchase Wealth Builders HQ products, including classes, subscriptions and distance learning materials.

Data and Other Information

Wealth Builders HQ products could include inaccuracies or errors. We do not make guarantees as to the completeness or correctness of any Wealth Builders HQ product. Any data used or made available by Wealth Builders HQ is from sources believed by it to be reliable and accurate; however, Wealth Builders HQ does not investigate the sources or confirm the data and it does not make any representations that the data or resulting calculations are complete or otherwise accurate.

From time to time, Wealth Builders HQ may reference prior articles and opinions. These references may be selective, may reference only a portion of an article or opinion, and are likely not to be current. As markets change continuously, previously published information and data may not be current and should not be relied upon.


Wealth Builders HQ and its personnel are not registered broker-dealers or investment advisers. You are encouraged to speak with licensed broker-dealers, investment advisers or counselors of your choice regarding the appropriateness of investing or of any particular investment strategy or security.

Wealth Builders HQ products are for informational and educational purposes only, and no mention of a particular security in any Wealth Builders HQ product constitutes a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold that or any other security, or that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction or investment strategy is suitable for any specific person. None of the information providers (e.g., instructors or sales persons) or their affiliates will advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy or other matter. To the extent any of the information contained in any Wealth Builders HQ product may be deemed to be investment advice, it is impersonal and not tailored to the individual investment needs of any specific person.

Wealth Builders HQ personnel (e.g., instructors) are not subject to trading restrictions. Wealth Builders HQ personnel could have a position in a security or initiate a position in a security at any time. In the event you enter into trading transactions, Wealth Builders HQ personnel also may be trading or have positions in the same securities.

Wealth Builders HQ products contain opinions about securities, and the opinions differ. For example, an opinion about a security in a certain Wealth Builders HQ publication could differ from an opinion about the same security that is in another Wealth Builders HQ publication. As another example, two instructors could have different views about the same security or factors affecting that security (such as market events).

All investments and trading involve risk. Trading and investing subjects you to risk of losses, including losses greater than your original investment. Many strategies, investments and securities (including options) are not suitable for everyone. Wealth Builders HQ does not determine whether any strategy, investment or security is suitable for any individual.

Particularly with respect to options, prior to buying or selling an option, an investor must receive a copy of Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options, called the Options Disclosure Document (ODD). This document is available from your broker-dealer.

No one should trade with money they cannot afford to lose.

Past results are not indicative of future performance.

Where hypothetical or simulated examples are provided, because they do not represent actual trading, they have limitations. They are designed with hindsight and thus, can be biased to select favorable performance results. Also, since the trades have not been executed, the results may have under or over compensated for certain factors such as the lack of market liquidity.

Examples of trades and investment strategies do not include the costs of commissions, interest and dividends and other expenses. Keep in mind that these costs affect whether an investment is profitable.

When U.S. exchanges are open, stock and fund quotes (other than those obtained through the real-time quote services available to purchasers of certain Wealth Builders HQ products) are at least 15 minutes old. When U.S. exchanges are not open, quotes are only current as of the close of the last day of trading. Before selling or buying any stock or other investment you should consult with a broker to verify pricing information.


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