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Did you watch all of the gains made in 2018 reverse at the end of 2018?
Does that make you feel vulnerable?
Are you ready to take control of your financial future?

You have come to the right place, Welcome to Wealth Builders HQ where you will learn how to trade Stocks, Options and Futures like a professional trader regardless of how much you know about the market, how much money you have in the brokerage account and you don’t need to be a genius either.

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The Stock Market is ready for more volatility both up and down, so be ready to profit on the move. Follow Professional Trader Robert Roy by trading the same stocks he trades.

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Our 3 Prong Training Process


You will learn the fundamental criteria on choosing the right stock to meet your personal financial goals. Everything starts with you picking a stock that not only fits your risk profile, it also fits the rules of the strategy you are trading.


Options allow you to trade stocks with a smaller amount of money at risk while delivering exponential financial gains. Learn to capitalize on the preferred trading vehicle of Professional Traders. Options can be used to trade Up, Down and Sideways markets.


Problem – For many people their Job gets in the way of trading. Solution – The Futures Market are open almost 24 hours a day and in many cases, require substantially less cash to trade them, for some positions you need less than $200. We will teach you the POWER of Futures Trading.

Wealth Builders HQ Education

wealth builders hq, wealth builders


When working on building wealth stocks are a common product used by financial advisors. When an individual purchases a stock they are buying a piece of the company. Stock Brokers love buy and hold strategies and equities fits that mantra perfectly. Although we are not opposed to buy and hold we do believe that while holding stocks the trader should be able to collect income with them.

Click the image above to and be introduced to strategies that will allow you to do just that.


Equity options are an amazing vehicle for wealth building. The reason they work so well is they are a leveraged vehicle. All it takes is a small move in the stock to produce a magnificent move in the option. There are simple strategies such as buying calls and puts to more complex strategies such ad ratio back spreads and credit or debit spreads. There is no one size fits all strategy to use in every portfolio. The beauty of options trades and day trading options is they can be as simple or complex as a trader needs them to be.

Click the image above to find out more on these and more option strategies.

wealth builders hq, wealth builders, day trading options
wealth builders hq, wealth builders, day trading futures, best futures trading platform


For many, day trading futures is a scary proposition. Most traders think of having oil, cows or some other commodity show up on their doorstep. Although there are many out there (including farmers) that are ok with taking delivery there are strategies that traders can use to take advantage of the futures market and never be at risk to receive any commodity.

Learn how to take advantage of futures while using the best futures trading platform by clicking on the image above.


Talk about leverage, Forex (or foreign exchange) is the highest leveraged vehicle on the market place. To trade Forex profitably there are very specific risk strategies that should be employed. If risk is ignored it can bring great financial pain to the trader.

Don’t go it alone. Learn more about Forex by clicking on the image above.

wealth builders hq, wealth builders
wealth builders hq, wealth builders

Business Development

America was built on the backs of small businesses. 20 years ago a business owner had very little choice except to open a brick and mortar store. This took large sums of money and some knowledge in the field. Fast forward to today and the internet is taking business by storm. Just look at Amazon and Ali Baba, two amazing companies today but they didn’t start out there. They were both internet startups. Today anyone can start an online business, even if they don’t have any experience or sacks of money lying around.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to start your own business, click the image above to get started.

Precious Metals

Having a well rounded Wealth Plan, (the WBHQ Plan) consists of numerous moving pieces and one of them is precious metals. Gold and silver coins,, stocks, ETFs and futures bring stability to a portfolio. Understanding in the current market if gold or silver is a better buy is important to avoid overpaying for one of the most important hedge vehicles available today.

To learn why it is important to participate in precious metals click the image above to get started.

wealth builders hq, wealth builders

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wealth builders hq, wealth builders

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