Own Futures Bootcamp for $449

The U.S. Army doesn’t take the average enlistee off the street and put them behind a piece of sophisticated equipment

They take these gung-ho young men and women and get them prepared for service by putting them through basic training, also known as boot camp.

Brandon Wendell

Because such preparation is so important, Brandon Wendell is teaching a class that will prepare the student with little or no experience to be a successful futures trader.

This “Futures Bootcamp” is a four-hour educational class that will focus on the techniques needed to successfully navigate the futures market.

Futures Bootcamp is $449 and comes with lifetime access of the recording.

 The Futures Bootcamp will be broken into four one-hour blocks of education, with a short break between each session.

Futtures Bootcamp

The class will include:

    • The benefits of futures over trading other assets
    • The different exchanges and securities available to trade
    • Important trading details like rollovers, price limits, regular trading
    • hours and extended trading hours
    • Risk management
    • How to chart futures with multiple time frame analysis
    • Identify the current trends
    • Supply and demand – the zones of selling and buying
    • Market correlation

    There will be a heavy emphasis on trading strategies. This is not a one-size-fits all project and new traders will be taught important strategies such as trend trading, opening range breakouts, gap plays and Globex traps. You will learn how to deal with market-moving news and economic reports.

    By the end of this four-hour class, you will have enough information and knowledge to trade the futures market. More importantly, you’ll be learning the right way to do it… from an instructor who has years of practical experience as a futures

    Futtures Bootcamp

    PAID ACCESS TO Futures bootcamp

    Futures Bootcamp is $449
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