Stop grinding. 

No seriously.  Stop. Grinding.

When you grind you go against something.  You cause friction and resistance.  When you cause friction and resistance, struggle results.

Instead, learn to flow with life.

Our lives are measured on how well we lived.  How well we loved.  And how well we learned to let go.

Letting go is a funny thing. 

And it has a bad rap.  People think when you let go you just don’t care.

It’s not that you don’t care, it’s just that pushing against something creates its own set of mental barriers.  It creates the image that you have to struggle, that things can’t come with ease, that you have to overexert yourself to get what you want.  To pay your dues.

In reality, that’s all just a story you’ve told yourself and a struggle that you created your life to be.

What would happen if you were to just let go?  

If it didn’t really matter if you succeeded and reached the level of trading that you desire to attain?

Many of you are getting uncomfortable.  Your about to launch into an argument of why it’s important to push yourself to achieve the trading success of your dreams.  But hear us out.

How would you feel if we told you that your grind and struggle creates more struggle?  The more struggle you create the more your life will be a struggle.  Humans are funny creatures and our core beliefs must be proved in life.  So if you make something a struggle you will continue to struggle just prove yourself right.

Let’s face it.  Being poor is a struggle.  Not being able to pay your bills on time is a struggle.  Having to juggle a couple of jobs in order to put food on the table and provide for your family is a struggle.

Those who have a wealth mindset embrace letting go and allow themselves to learn with ease and dare we say it, have fun.  Their lives may be exactly the same and they still put in the time to learn but their thoughts, beliefs, and approach to learning are completely different.  And success seems to just fly at them.

So your belief that learning to trade has to be a struggle that you wrestle with in order to comprehend the concepts and you have to grind in order to be successful hinders you from achieving the success you desire.

But when you let go of the struggle that’s often when things just happen.  Suddenly you aren’t blocking yourself with imaginary barriers and you begin to understand concepts or see trades setting up right before your eyes.  You make gains faster.  Life becomes easy.

So, let go of the struggle.