“There’s nothing wrong with getting the highest grades in the class, but that isn’t going to be the quality that sets apart a big winner from the rest of the pack.”

This quote was excerpted from a 1998 commencement speech Warren Buffett gave to a crowd of MBA graduates at the University of Florida.

Buffett went on to say he sees people his age —  even 20 years younger — with “self-destructive behavior patterns,” and they’re entrapped by them.

The billionaire dipped into his store of wisdom and offered this sage perspective: “People give themselves away fairly often. When someone comes to me with a business, the very things they talk about, what they regard as important — there are a lot of clues that come as to subsequent behavior.”

“If you write the good qualities down and make them habitual, you will be the one you want to buy 10% of when you’re all through, ” said Buffett. “The beauty of this is that you already own 100% of yourself, and you’re stuck with it. So you might as well be that person, that somebody else.  It’s simply a question of which you decide.”

We at Wealth Builders HQ think this is an excellent exercise.

Take stock in yourself and do an inventory of your traits. Literally, write out a list of your current qualities and traits.  What do you deem as important?  What do you focus your attention on the most?  What qualities have you made habitual?  Do they support your goal of trading for a living?

Learning trading strategies can be pretty straight forward.  Learning the art of trading takes time.

It’s the assimilation of the traits of a successful, wealth-focused trader into your own habitual everyday behavior that is time-consuming.

That is an evolution.

One sure way to jumpstart becoming a successful trader is to learn the specific habits of a successful trader like Robert Roy, founder of Wealth Builders HQ.  Over the years Rob’s traded he has carved and honed certain habits to make him the trader he is today.

Building from a strong foundation which is why Rob recommends getting a solid education from Trading U and then following a mentor that you can trust to give you the right habits to adopt.

The question is…

What will you decide?