Oh, boy! Rob really messed up this time! This new Covered Calls Uncovered class was only supposed to be offered to students who subscribe to Covered Call Explorer.


Instead the offer went the entire Wealth Builders HQ student base! So Rob screwed up … and you benefit! Now that the cat is out of the bag … the genie is out of the bottle … the train has left the station …You can benefit from this one-time training! This is a free class … and now it is open to everyone.

In Rob Roy’s new Covered Calls Uncovered class, he will teach you how trade covered calls – the RIGHT WAY – and help you understand how the methods used to get the most potential profit from your trading.

How does 48% a year sound? It’s possible with average success trading covered calls. But the potential is there to make even more! Covered calls have been around a long time. It’s considered a conservative strategy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money on them.

A 4% profit on your money in a month doesn’t sound sexy, but if you do that each month, your annual profit is 48%! That’s a figure that will get your interest! Plus, covered calls are considered a much safer strategy than directional trading.

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In the Covered Call Uncovered class, Rob will teach you how to trade covered calls, naked puts and diagonal spreads. All are similar conservative strategies that produce similar rates of return.

This is a 100% free class … PLUS it comes with a free two-week trial of Covered Call Explorer, a product that brings the candidates for those strategies and puts them in your doorstep!

The classes are scheduled for December 16th at 8PM EST. It’s free to attend. All you need to do is compete the registration form and show up ready to learn.

Remember, because Rob fouled this up, this free class is open to everyone … not just Covered Call Explorer students.

If you’ve every wanted to learn to trade covered call, this is a great opportunity to learn more.If you trade covered calls, but want to learn how to increase your profits, this is your chance.
Hey, 48% annual profit is some serious profit!