Covered Call Money Machine


How much brighter would your bank statement look if you learned how to transform the stock market into your personal money machine … one that funnels fresh profits into your account each month?


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In his exciting Covered Call Money Machine online class, professional trader and educator Rob Roy
will teach you ways to generate income by using covered calls, one of the most understandable and applicable strategies used by savvy investors in today’s market.

A covered call gives you the opportunity to rent stocks and make profits.
The best thing is, you can use this strategy whether or not you own stock!
Wow! Is that legal, you ask? Are you allowed to do that? 
It certainly is allowed and informed people have been doing it for years.
The process is just like renting out a home you own, but no longer live in. Why leave the house vacant when you can scoop up some rent? That’s the same premise of a covered call.

The Covered Call Money Machine is an On-Demand class that you can watch anytime of the day or night and as many times as you desire for 30 days.Rob has taught this material across the country and students have paid handsomely to hear it.
You can add this to your educational library for only $99.

wealth builders hq, wealth builders, covered call calculator

Do you need a few extra bucks each month 
to pay bills? 
Are you looking for a way to put aside money 
for your golden years? 
Do you have children or grandchildren you’d like to help? 
How about your church or favorite charity?


wealth builders hq, wealth builders, covered call calculator

If you own stock, here’s your chance to learn how it may be possible to squeeze a few more dollars out of them each month — 
without any heavy lifting – by renting them out. 

wealth builders hq, wealth builders, covered call calculator

But what if you don’t own any stock? Don’t despair. 
There’s a technique that non-stock owners can use, too, that will allow you to put the covered call strategy to work.
Rob will teach you how this technique works, so you’ll be ready to turn on your own Covered Call Money Machine.
Are you working with a small account? That’s OK, too.
He’ll teach you how to write naked puts and diagonal spreads, a strategy that allows you to conduct a trade on big-name stocks for a fraction of the cost.
(You can expect to pay about 5% of the regular cost on these positions, as little as $5-$8!)

In the Covered Call Money Machine class, Rob will teach you:
• How to identify the most profitable points to buy and sell
• The criteria that can determine whether your candidate will fizzle or sizzle
• The appropriate strategy – so you’ll make the most money possible!
• Strategies that work when you’re just starting out or have a small account

This is one of Rob’s most popular subjects to teach. 
Buy now and get this On-Demand class for the bargain price of $99.
You’ll learn how to put these covered calls to work and open the faucet in your own trading account.

wealth builders hq, wealth builders, covered call calculator

Covered Call Money Machine

Covered Call Money Machine


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