Stock traders have been writing covered calls for years. It’s one of the most popular strategies that traders and investors like to use. 





Subscribers to the Covered Call Explorer will receive a video each weekend from veteran trading education coach Robert Roy that points out potential covered call, naked put and diagonal spread positions to analyze.

Rob has been teaching students how to trade the market for more than a decade and has taught thousands of students the basics of writing covered calls, selling naked puts and using diagonal spreads.

Many students have trouble spotting possible places to use those three strategies.

Rob’s Covered Call Explorer is a 20-30 minute video that will point out potential positions that he has spotted and will offer them to subscribers for further examination.

The Covered Call Explorer is an outstanding way to cut through the hassle of finding trades to analyze.
There are thousands of stocks to buy and sell on the U.S. markets and it’s impossible to look at all of them.
Through his use of scans and filters, as well as by spotting them in his own analysis, Rob has created this product to benefit the students by saving them time. These are not recommendations, but rather possible candidates that fit specific criteria and may be worth more detailed analysis by the students.

Now you can save money with a special quarterly subscription.

You can get a three-month subscription to Covered Call Explorer for only $349. You’ll save $68 over a monthly subscription of $139!

That’s enough to pay for a nice meal to celebrate your trading success. Plus, when you become a quarterly subscriber, you receive a two-week free trial. That brings the cost of your subscription even lower.

That’s just our way of saying, “Welcome to the Covered Call Explorer family!


Includes 2-Week Free Trial


How often do I receive the information?
Subscribers receive a video from Covered Call Explorer once each week. The video and the tracking sheet is also available in the private member’s area at the same time. The material is typically available on Mondays, with the exception of holidays.
How will I receive the information?
The video will be sent to the email address on file for your account. It will also be available in the member’s area when you sign into your account.
Who is the instructor?
The instructor is Rob Roy, the CEO and Founder of Wealth Builders HQ. Rob personally identifies the candidates and records the video. Rob has taught thousands of students how to trade the market and is particularly fond of the cash-flow strategies taught in the class.
What if I don’t know all the strategies?
Include inside the member’s area of Covered Call Explorer is a video that explains each of the cash-flow strategies taught and used: covered calls, naked puts, diagonal spreads and iron condors. It is recommended that you watch these instructional videos and practice extensively before you place any money in a live trade.
What is the ROR on these positions?
There is no way to guarantee a certain rate of return on your trades. Different trading strategies carry different expectations. But it is possible to earn between 8-12% per trade or 50%-plus over the course of a year.
How long are the recordings made available?

The bonus recordings with the instructional material is never removed from the site. You will have 24/7 access to that material. The four most recent weekly videos remain on the site. Anything older than that is not useful.

What information is on the tracking sheet?
The tracking sheet is an action plan that describes all the steps to follow when entering a position: the stock symbol, the option to buy or sell, the margin required, the targeted rate of return and the target profit. There are numerous candidates listed for analysis under each of the trading strategies.
Will this product tell me which positions to enter?
No. Covered Call Explorer will provide you with a short list of candidates to consider. The final analysis and decision to buy or sell is up to the individual. The instructors with Wealth Builders HQ are not brokers or financial advisers and are not legally allowed to tell which what to buy or sell.
What if I have questions about the strategies?

You may email your questions to and they will be relayed to the staff. In addition, Rob Roy will schedule live classes throughout the year to take questions from students. We valued our students and want them to have their questions answered as quickly as possible.


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