Get your trades out of the red and into the black ink
out of the losing column and onto the winning side … away from frustrating losses and into the satisfying success that comes when you cash out another profitable position.
If you’re serious about moving from red to black – from losses to profits — you need Charting Your Way to Success!
Charting Your Way to Success was recorded at the recent live class that was taught by Wealth Builders HQ founder Rob Roy in New York.
The room was packed out and others were on the waiting list but didn’t get their ticket soon enough. Others were unable to make the long, expensive journey to New York to attend, even though they wanted to be there.
In order to accommodate everyone who was unable to attend, we recorded Charting Your Way to Success and now we’re making it available to all students in the Wealth Builders HQ universe. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you make the transformation from red to black!
This is the same information that “wowed” the class in New York. Now you can have access to it without leaving the comfort of your own home. This class was all about teaching you how to use charting to improve your success … from small incremental gains to wild possible gains.
We have found that students who learn the proper ways to chart are more likely to achieve their personal financial goals.

We have found that students who learn the proper ways to chart are more likely to achieve their personal financial goals.


Understanding your why … What is your motivation to be successful?

Finalizing your trading strategy. … A dozen tactics will derail you! You need one!

Determining your risk-reward ratio. … How aggressive do you want to be? Need to be?


Getting a grasp on how entries, exits and stops will be handled. … Skipping these steps will doom your efforts!

Rob will also teach you his propriety Stupidity Reduction Factor!

Once you understand how SRF works, you’ll be able to confidently scale in and out of trades, set and adjust your stops, and put your trades on autopilot.How satisfying would it be to have the ability to set up your trades and walk away … no more staring at the computer all day … just chill out and let the trade work!

Rob will teach you about harmonic trading
taking what the market gives you instead of swimming against the stream – and how to use Fibonacci analysis to learn the ideal entries and exits. Once you see these Fibonacci in use, you’ll wonder how you ever made a successful trade without them!
Rob will also lift the curtain and do a deep dive into one of his favorite techniques

the Zero Line Breakout trade. This is a more advanced strategy, but students who attend this class have the skillset to learn, understand and master this powerful strategy. Rob not only shows you how it works, he’ll walk you through examples and explain step-by-step how to put it into play. This amazing section of the class has the potential to really jack up your profitability. 

Chart Your Way To Success

was wildly popular among the students who attended. It received glowing reviews from attendees, who appreciated the wealth of information and how it was presented and explained.
If you’re serious about becoming a successful trader, you’ve got to get your hands on this recording

The price for this class is $695.

This entitles you to lifetime ownership of the recordings. You may watch them as many times as you like on a 24/7 basis.