Charting Your Way to Success

Charting Your Way To Success,Robert Roy,Wealth Builders HQ
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It’s obvious that you are serious about trading the market. You’ve taken classes, you’ve attended workshops and you spend time practicing what you’ve learned. You already in the upper percentile of the public.
Charting Your Way To Success,Robert Roy,Wealth Builders HQ
Now it’s time to go from being a successful trader to being a wildly successful trader. It’s time to improve your winning percentage, tighten your entries and exits, and read and interpret analytical information like a master.

You need to watch my new on-demand class: Charting Your Way to Success.



This all-day, on demand class will demystify charting for you.

And the cost for this all day event is a ridiculously low $695.

Spend a virtual day with Wealth Builders HQ founder Rob Roy – as you learn how to open your charting program and enhance the value of your trading account. Imagine how much you’re going to learn in this daylong class as we dive headlong into the process of charting and how to use it to open up the faucet to the market’s money machine.

Rob Roy loves to teach charting. He believers every student must understand how to chart – the right way. If you don’t know charting, you’re not going to be successful at trading. You’ll miss some opportunities and completely misunderstand others. But when you learn charting … when you understand how it works and what you’re doing … it’s a beautiful thing!

Plus, the Charting Your Way to Success class will be yours for lifetime!

Rob believes one of the best ways to learn is through repetition!Plus, you’ll have more access to Rob – because you can watch it as many times as you like. How valuable will that be?

Since this was our first live event since 2019, we wanted it to be loaded with great instruction and information. Here are a few things that we cover…

– How to find the sweet spot on the chart – the zone that will turn minor success into crazy success! (Because the idea is to make money, right?)

– How to draw the proper lines on your chart. Moving averages, Bollinger bands and Fibonacci are all important and insightful – if used properly. Are you doing it right? If not, this can kill your profitability!

– How to take your charting program to the next level. Yes, Omega Chartz (the charting system we use at Wealth Builders HQ) is an amazing tool. But are you getting the most out of it? We’ll open the door and show you more!

Those are just a few things.

Trust me, this is an On-Demand class you don’t want to miss. You’ll be able to solidify your understanding of how to chart. You’ll learn tricks and get tips that will allow you to enhance your success.

Plus you’ll have access to this on-demand class for lifetime! So you can watch it again and again.

And since the purcahse is only $695, (Registration for similar on-demand classes in the past have exceeded $1000, so this is a tremendous value!) Charting Your Way to Success has the potential to be a game-changer for you. It’s an opportunity to learn more about ways to accelerate your trading success and push your way past the want-to-be poseurs and into the winner’s circle.

Frequently Asked Question
Who is teaching the class?
The class will be taught by Rob Roy, the founder and CEO of Wealth Builders HQ. Rob has more than two decades of experience as a trader and an instructor. He has taught tens of thousands of students how to trade the market. In addition to teaching classes for Wealth Builders HQ, Rob has a trading blog, offers a free “Trade With Rob” email update and is a frequent guest on Benzinga broadcasts. Other unannounced guest speakers may also participate in the event.
Will I need Omega Chartz to attend?
Rob will be using the Omega Chartz charting software throughout the class when he shows examples or enters into a non-funded trading position. While the user experience will be enhanced for those who have Omega Chartz, it is not a requirement.
For what level of trader is the class designed?
This class will best serve the intermediate to experienced trader, although an enthusiastic newcomer should be able to keep up. Students with more experience will be able to absorb the material faster and apply it to their personal trading situation.
Charting Your Way To Success,Robert Roy,Wealth Builders HQ
Charting Your Way To Success,Robert Roy,Wealth Builders HQ
Charting Your Way To Success,Robert Roy,Wealth Builders HQ


The Market is changing every day! You need to act now!

You have seen how crazy the market has been over the last few weeks. One day you see it pressing upward and setting a new all-time high, only to watch it drop for three or four days. It is so unbelievably unpredictable.

But that sort of volatility makes it possible to make the most money!

If … and it’s a big if … you know what you’re doing. The Chart Your Way to Success on demand class will help you learn how to deal with ever-changing, always-moving market!

I encourage you .. no, I implore you … to take advantage of this lifetime on demand class at $695.

But the clock is ticking. This low introductory price will not last long so grab it while you can. Please don’t be that person who waits until it is too late. Trust me, you will regret it if you miss this opportunity.

We’re going to learn a lot of new things. We’re going to make sure you are on the road to meeting your personal financial goal.

You need this!

I can’t wait to teach you!