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GAPS and More Gaps

Gaps like everything else comes in groups or categories.1. Common Gap is not as strong of a trade. These happen daily on all charts. The open of the current day is different from the close of the day before but only the body of the candle...

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It’s All Greek To Me!

Options traders often refer to the delta, gamma, theta, and vega of their option positions.  Collectively, these terms are known as the Greeks, and they provide a way to measure the sensitivity of an option's price to quantifiable...

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Channeling Stock

A stock that moves in a repeatable pattern between two price points over a short period of time is called a Channeling stock. These two price points become the support and resistance levels for this stock. The objective is to trade...

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Don’t Let Your Ambition Become Your Prison

Stop grinding. No seriously.  Stop. Grinding.When you grind you go against something.  You cause friction and resistance.  When you cause friction and resistance, struggle results.Instead, learn to flow with life.Our lives are measured on...

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