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Trading the magic of 100

Stocks, indices, currencies, and futures tend to have a magic area at the 100, 200, 600, 9300, 12000 and so on levels.  If you can divide the current market value by 100, you have the next magical level. Why is this?  Is there a gold medal behind these nice round...

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Money Bucket List

How do you get more money? We all have a "Bucket List" in some form or another. We save and budget and look for opportunities to get more money. Here are a few ideas on how to get more money. • Get promoted at your job and get an increase in salary. • Find an extra...

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Think in Percentages, Not Dollars

Many traders start with small accounts and want to run with the big traders. Well, guess what? You are in a different class with a small account and a very specialized one at that. It takes skill to trade a small account and not let our ego get the best of us. Start...

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Trading Naked Puts For A Living

When someone asks me what do you do for a living I tell them that I trade the stock market.  That usually causes an inquisitive look on their face and bring them to their next question of what do you trade? I told him I love going naked in the market. That usually...

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