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Understanding Your Options Chain

If you are going to trade stock options, one of the most important tools is the Option Chain.  The COUNTLESS values in the Option Chain can make it look intimidating, but luckily there are only a few key numbers that matter. BID and ASK are the price points that you...

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Catching a Falling Knife

Don't try to catch a falling knife or a falling stock once it has started its rapid decline.  There are retracements along the way that can provide entry points if you cannot resist and have some risk capital to use.  Remember, the further the fall, the greater the...

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Market Cycles

As traders in the ever-changing market(s), it is always wise to look at different time frames. Short term trading typically uses a 3-6 month daily chart, a 30 or 15-minute chart, a 5-minute chart and a 3 or 1-minute chart to spot a high potential trade and time the...

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Your Wealth Building Team

Building sustainable wealth is the main focus here at Wealth Builders HQ.  Rob Roy, founder of Wealth Builders HQ, continually encourages students to write down a trading plan and a business plan for your trading business as an important part of wealth building....

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