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Who is Guarding Your Gold?

Overtrading is a common error many traders face.  We make a few profits and get excited and want to continue to trade.  Profits can emotionally give you such a wonderful feeling that you want more of that feeling.   Trader Beware!  The market will take profits away if...

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Streams of Income and Time Management

So, you want to trade in one or more of the financial markets? Learning the techniques (technical analysis), deciding on a broker and trading platform and finding a good source for education seems to be the START. As important as these steps are, you need to create a...

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Manage Your Trade Risk AND Profit Targets

Manage YourTrade Risk and Profit Exits When you get on an airplane, just as the plane taxis down the runway, the stewardess or steward shows you how to comply with the safety rules.  One of the rules is to locate the nearest exit which is not a bad idea in case it...

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I Don’t Want To Stop

Managing your trade with stops is not just important, it is vital for the success of your trading business. Let the winners run and manage any losses so that you can stay in business. Most traders, when they begin the business of trading, do not use stops.Why?Look at...

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