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Accelerate Your Learning Curve

Identify your learning style.Four distinct learning styles have been identified:activists – people who learn by doing; theorists – people who prefer concepts and facts; pragmatists – people who try out ideas to see how they work; and reflectors – people who watch and...

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The Greed Monster

When you truly learn how to trust your trade plans, follow the plan by managing the trade and measuring results in rate of return, you no longer have reason to fear the greed monster.What does the greed monster look like?When a trade is executed without a stop or a...

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Price vs Value

The value of a company is different than the price. When investing, it is imperative that you know the difference.Price is easy, just look the ticker symbol up and find the current price per share that is being traded on the stock market. The price of an option is...

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A tariff is a tax or duty that a government places on a class of imported goods (tariffs on exports are very rare). In theory, this makes the foreign products more expensive — boosting domestic makers of the product, which don't have to pay the tax. The tariff is...

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