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Learn to Dance with Market Volatility

How do we as traders learn how to dance with the market especially when high volatility comes into play? Everyone is talking about volatility and no wonder with the market swings of 500 points or 1000 points in a single day. Volatility is measured in numerous ways. *...

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Three Stages of Trading

When we start our journey in the world of trading the financial markets, we set up our accounts, fund them and start practice trading.  Slowly (not always) we move into funded trading after achieving a modicum of success in a practice account.  Many times it feels...

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Pay Yourself First

Heard this before?  How do you Pay Yourself First? Here are some tips. 1. Consider needs versus wants before spending your cash 2. Use direct deposit and automatically transfer a portion to savings first before paying bills. 3. Pay bills on time to avoid late fees. 4....

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The 3 Stock Market Directions

There are 3 directions in the stock market; Up, Down, and Sideways. Q.How do you define an uptrend also referred to as Bullish? A.Higher highs and higher lows create the zigzag path on a bullish chart. How do you define a down trend also referred to as bearish?...

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