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The History of Options Trading

With the recent boom of new commodities such as cryptocurrencies, it may come as a surprise to some investors who might assume options are a contraption fabricated by Wall Street power brokers to line their pockets, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.While...

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Are You a Cheater?

We all cheat a bit somewhere if only to ourselves.Trading works best with rules.  These rules can come from a mentor as you are learning your trading style and how to use technical indicators, charts and a brokerage platform. Rules can come from a quality educational...

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Options 101 – Options Explained

If you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck covered put writing is, let alone what an option is, then we need to give you an understanding the basics of Options Trading so you can create a solid trading foundation.Consider the following as a brief Stock...

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The Three Rs of Trading

When formal education began, the three Rs were the focus.  Reading, (w is silent) Riting, (a is silent) Ritmetic were and still are the fundamentals of learning.What are the three Rs of trading?*Rules of the trade*Risk Management*RecordsThere are many more Rs that are...

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