Identify your learning style. Four distinct learning styles have been identified: activists – people who learn by doing; theorists – people who prefer concepts and facts; pragmatists – people who try out ideas to see how they work; and reflectors – people who watch and think.

Accelerate your learning curve

A learning curve is basically how much you have learned with experience. Most of us are doing this every day unless you are living in a vacuum. So, why would you want to pay attention to this? Your ability to learn as you live life can help determine your success and your potential for growth. It would be prudent to make sure we keep strengthening our learning process through our experiences.

Here are eight ways to help improve your learning curve

  • Analyze your methods by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, which will highlight the problems that stop you from learning efficiently.
  • Take time to learn. It is vital that we take enough time to learn something thoroughly. Ask the right questions and keep an open mind. Always take full advantage of the resources available to teach you what you need to learn. It’s better to have full-on attention for 20 minutes than an hour’s worth of distraction. Less is more, provided its quality time. 
  • Do something else. Doing the same thing too many times for too long of a period of time can become tedious and unrewarding. 
  • Learn one new thing every day. This could be quite refreshing. Don’t restrict yourself. Watch a video, read the news, listen to some podcasts, or follow a blog. These activities will help you practice your learning abilities and you will find newer and more creative ways to work with. 
  • Regulated breaks. As much as you want to learn, you also need to rest. There are chances of getting overworked that can demotivate you. Take an aten-minute coffee break to a two-month vacation to the Cayman Islands, just make sure you take the rest you need to give yourself. 
  • Take notes. It always helps to take down notes when you’re learning something new. You can always go back to them when you need to cross-check something.
  • Gain feedback. Feedback can help you find a new perspective by looking at yourself based on someone else’s opinion. Check out what you know by testing yourself. Ask yourself questions and see what you can answer without referring to your books.
  • Teach someone. Aside from being a helpful person, try testing your knowledge by helping someone else. Join a mastermind group.
    Recent research suggests that one of the most effective ways to learn is to imagine yourself teaching the topic to someone else – working in a group gives you the chance to do this in a real-life setting.

“Live each day as if it were your last. Learn as if you’ll live forever.”
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