Meet the Wizard behind the curtain

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Robert Roy knows firsthand the importance of a changed mindset. Rob had to alter his own thought process before he was able to become successful through trading in the stock market. Now Rob emphasizes to his students how following a proven, time tested system is critical to their success.

Rob was raised in Queens, NY by a single mother. Because money was scarce Rob grew up hearing things like “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” and “It takes money to make money.” These were early mental roadblocks that he had to overcome.

Robs life changed in 1997 when one of his colleagues in the manufacturing company he worked for told him about a stock market class he had taken. Rob was looking for opportunities to make extra money so he was very interested. He took the workshop and became excited about using the stock market to change his life even though his friends and family were instruments of discouragement.

“I’ve had people me my entire life telling me that I couldn’t do something” Rob said. As usual he proved them wrong again.

In 1999 Rob was asked to become a Trading Coach for one of the largest stock market education companies in the US. As he set out on the newest chapter of his life he created a systematic approach to train traders with no experience to those who were already trading the market. His approach (called Strategy Creation System “SCS”) focuses on 4 key elements of trading, 4 simple words: Identify, Enter, Manage and Exit, individually they each sound easy to do, collectively they are one of the toughest things there is for a trader to overcome. Rob has successfully trained over 15,000 traders on location and over 50,000 online on his system.

Rob has been developed DVDs on many advanced trading strategies such as fibonacci, equity options, how to trade emini futures & Forex, trading the Qs and Spiders, etc.

He has also developed text alerts services, Trader Talks on Emini futures and equity options as well as multiple advanced workshops taught online and in person.

One of Rob’s favorite quotes is “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford. Robs approach starts with changing your mindset and ends with developing a trading system that is built for the individual trader.

Rob lives on Long Island, NY with his wife Rosaria and their two daughters, Gina and Sabrina.

Trading Coach, wealth builders hq, wealth builders,

Tony Benson was once discouraged by his lack of progress when he began to learn how to evaluate trading opportunities in the stock market. Tony was studying technical analysis and was learning how to spot chart patterns, but always seemed to identify the pattern after it was no longer tradable. He began to seek a more visual way to teach himself how to recognize the patterns when they had trading potential.

That was the genesis of “Patterns in a Flash,” the subscription-based product designed to provide students with a faster method to learn chart patterns and how to trade them. About 10 years ago, Tony created a version of the product to help himself learn how to be a more effective trader.

“I was getting so frustrated by not being able to see the pattern,” Tony says. “It helped train me to see the patterns on the right side of the trade.”

The Patterns in a Flash program has been expanded and now offers over 8 hours of instruction. Tony says it’s part of a two-step education program, which includes identifying and evaluating a stock’s pattern, and then knowing how to act on the information.

“It’s all designed to speed up the process with respect to learning how to find and identify the chart patterns,” he says.

Tony grew up in a small town in southern Oregon. After graduating from high school he went work for the area’s largest independent tire dealer, where he learned the values of customer service that he continues to view as important. Tony attended his first stock market class in 2000, worked in the stock market education field for about 18 months, and earned his brokerage license in 2001.