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What type of trader am I?
What type of trader am I ?
Brand New Trader
Don’t know a stock from a rock? That’s OK! Our training will provide a solid foundation and teach you the fundamentals you need to be successful.
Intermediate Trader
You’ve been around the block, but may be unhappy with your lack of consistent success. We’re here to teach you ways to trade the market and reach your personal goals.
Experienced Professional
You’ve traded advanced strategies and have established a track record. We’re here with ways to heighten your success and boost you to the next level.
Free Trading Workshop

The goal for every new trader to make money! That’s the universal target

from newcomers taking their first steps to veteran traders who have been doing it for years.

But you know what else making money in the market will buy for you?


And that’s why we are offering this 100% free class to help you get started.

Come and see for yourself – at no cost.


Roman M.

Rob, he’s a practical mentor. He’s not telling you theory – how he thinks it will work – he’s actually showing you, practically, how it works, and the results. That’s exactly the kind of mentor I was looking for.

…How can someone teach you how to trade if he’s not already trading? Rob is the one who is a practical mentor and coach. Just follow the footsteps, and that’s it.

He shows, in great detail – entries, exits, stops, everything. It’s very powerful.

William F.

I came on with Rob and Wealth Builders in 2017, and I’ve been through every class since. The tutelage, the hand-hold, the transparency… all the stuff that Wealth Builders is doing – that Rob is doing – you see.

They show you what is actually happening. The winners, the losers, the break-evens – none of it is hidden. It’s all right there. There’s a lot of trust.

Come to a live event, see for yourself. Or, ask me, I’ll tell you…

Tom W.

Rob’s been a coach of mine for 12 years now, so he’s always been my go-to. When I follow his rules, I do well! With Fibonaccis, they’ve yielded consistent results year after year, so why not learn it as best you can from the one the people who’s the best at it?

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. As Rob likes to say, “you’re just one trade away,” and [Wealth Builders HQ] will help you with your entries, exits, identifications of trades, what not to do – those are things that even fantastic traders struggle with. And, if you have a coach who can guide you through that process, calm the outside noise, and get you focused…it’s worth its weight in gold.

Robert S

I like that there are so many videos you can go through and see how it’s done, and see it being done.

Ask yourself if this is something you want to learn, and if it is, go all in. [Wealth Builders HQ] is second to none. The help you need is there. It up to you to say “this is something I want to do,” and move forward.

We teach traders technical strategies, trading systems, and mindset frameworks to build wealth using the financial markets, to build a life on their terms. We help visionary entrepreneurs build the operating systems, processes, and frameworks they need to create a real business that makes a massive contribution.

Free 15-Minute Strategy Session to Start Your Trading On the Right Foot

Discover Why You’re Struggling and Get Answers

to Fix Your Problem

You’ll speak one-on-one with a member of the coaching staff

Get focused to make the money and reach your financial goals

Understand the strategies that can create income … for you … right now

This is a free service for you … (A $179 value!)

“Wealth Builders HQ’s products have an extremely helpful service for people learning how make the most of trading and investing.”

– Luke Jacobi, Benzinga

Stop procrastinating! Get started now!

Don’t make excuses … that’s a loser’s game! You want to take action … and here’s an opportunity staring you in the face!

Sign up now for this free class and get started right away.

That’s right, there’s no charge for you. Keep your wallet in your pocket. You don’t even need a credit card on file.

But you have to take action! All you have to do is ask!

Robert Roy Coaching


Everyone who wants to learn how to trade the market does it for one reason: To make money.
But few people have the skills and assets available to them to make it happen. It’s almost impossible to teach yourself how to trade the market. It requires guidance and direction. It requires coaching and assistance from others who have been around the block.

That’s where we have the competitive advantage.

Our coaching staff has more than 100 years of combined experience as traders and instructors. Whether you’re interested in trading stocks, options or futures, we’ve got you covered. Each one of our coaches understands the strategies that you need to learn … and know how to teach the material in a way that’s understandable and easy to comprehend.

Wealth Builders HQ has classes and products to suit all different levels of traders.


Are you a newbie or someone with very little experience? If that’s the case, we’ve got a class that’s ideal to get you started and help establish a firm foundation. If you don’t get the basics covered, you will never achieve your goals. We won’t let that happen! We will be there to guide and assist you toward your goal.

Have you been trading for a bit, but become frustrated because of you lack of success? Do you think your results should be more positive? If that’s the case, we’ve got instructors and products to help you move to the next level. Our staff members will provide the direction and the motivation to encourage you to achieve more … and make better decisions that will lead to profitable trades.

Are you an experience trader, someone who has been around the block, but aspires to be even better? If that’s the case, we’ll direct you toward the assets that will help you overcome any obstacles or road blocks and climb up closer to becoming an elite trader.

Yes, Wealth Builders HQ has something for everyone.

But the first step is the most important one. You need to get started right away. Procrastination doesn’t put any money in your bank account. In fact, the more you delay a decision to get involved, the more opportunities that you’re missing out on.
Be assured that Wealth Builders HQ will make sure you get premium products that will make you more productive, save you time and energy.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to trade whatever entity you choose – stocks, options, futures. That’s up to you. In fact, you’ll sometimes get an invitation to sample a new class or product and help us decide how to make it even better.
Many of our products have been vetted by our students. Our catalog is made up of classes and subscriptions that were created by traders for traders. There’s no guesswork! We ask the traders what they need to make a product more complete … and we listen.

Listening … and delivering .. is what we do. This is where you’ll find the best stock market education from an unequalled cast of coaches – all with the desire to help you become a successful trader.

Welcome to Wealth Builders HQ.

Are You Ready to Trade Like A Boss?


“Rob, Amelia, Brandon, and the entire team at Wealth Builders HQ genuinely care about helping you learn to trade, move to your next trading level, and your overall success. They are the best.”
– Jim L.
“I just wanted to send you and Amelia a simple Thank-You. Between Covered Call Explorer, Power Option Plays and what I have learned from you, my trading has improved tremendously. For me, since I am an aircraft mechanic and I have to know why and how, it’s not just about making money. Thank you for the knowledge.”
– Charles G.
“Listening to you verbalize what you are seeing, and thinking as you trade is like picking up nuggets of gold. ” .
– Larry J.
“Once again, THANK YOU, Robert for all that you do.It has taken me a while longer to get here, but I feel like I can finally do both: ask some good questions *and* put things into practice, one strategy at a time…And it is thanks to everything I have learned from you…”
– Gregory P.
“I have been a student of Rob’s for several years now is that Rob’s integrity and his honesty and his caring is so loud that there is no way you cannot hear it when you first meet Rob. Rob is an excellent teacher, he’s caring, he’s gifted, he’s kind and can just teach incredibly well. And that’s why I’m following [Wealth Builders HQ]. I want to learn the market and Rob is the teacher.”
– Rosemary

Our 3-Prong Trading Approach

Stock Trading Graph
Wealth Builders will teach you how to make money trading stocks. Prepare to be introduced to the understandable strategies that you can use to start making money right away! Yes. Right away!
Stock Trading Profit Graph
When you learn to trade options, you’ll be able to invest your money in the high-flying big-buck companies – just like the hotshots on Wall Street! We will have you understanding options trading in no time flat!
Robert Roy Coaching
Most people are now aware that the futures market is open and operates almost 24/7 each day? That makes it an ideal way for people with busy lives and 9-to-5 jobs to get involved in trading.

Don’t Wait To Learn To Trade

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